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Lancôme Men’s Skincare

Case Analysis – Lancôme Skincare Line for Men

Why Lancome was able to get into this market segment

Most people would like to be beautiful, healthy, attractive and young looking. The world we are living in sets stereotypes that become models that are presented all around us in daily life such as on the television, in commercials, in magazines, in the fashion shows, in the streets and even at school or at workplace. There is a fact that most people want to look like the models. Men and women are alike, a smooth and bright skin with an ideal body shape for a wonderful life.
This desire and trends are growing and seen as a gold mine for the beauty care market. Beauty care products imply psychologically that customers are taking care of their hygiene, beauty and healthiness by using some products to support this care. The beauty industry in women has been obviously growing since long ago, whereas the men’s market has just started blooming lately. Currently men are more aware of their body and the demand for beauty, aesthetics, youthfulness, healthiness, and fitness which can bring them away from the old opinion about “only cleanliness”. The advancement of fashion magazines for men emphasizes this point of view in a widespread arena. The explosion of the male press commonly affects more or less the consumption of men’s beauty products. As a result, men pay more attention to patterns of beauty and are more sensitive to the products alternatives, like many products are launched to the market to convince customers to believe that it can improve their appearance. Nevertheless, even though men buy more beauty products as grooming and skincare products, it is predicted that these products are still bought approximately 80% by their wife or companion.
Like other marketing considerations, it supposes to have a…...

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...Digital advertising: Lancôme entered the Chinese market by building its own Chinese community (, which helped the consumers to understand the Lancôme products and also using this community consumers can interact with each other which made Lancôme a commanding and organization in China. This policy of Lancôme became more effective as an organization because of the fact that China did not have any effective communication media like Facebook, twitter or YouTube. Television advertising: the videos that Lancôme used in china to be broadcasted in Chinese television were broadcasted in their local language which gave Lancôme a reason to rise as an organization. Print & outdoor advertising: Lancôme always tried to target the emotional needs of their consumers and provide them with the products they need, being one of L’Oreal’s most successful brand it does a remarkable job in advertising their product throughout china. Advertising in UK, USA & France: Digital advertising: Facebook have been a primary part of the promotional strategies for the Lancôme. Facebook allows the company to mold their advertisement according to the consumers and also they can present their ideas to multiple consumers at a time. The solitary reason of using Facebook is that any user with an interest towards beauty products might view their advertisement and then share among its own circle which intern results in promoting Lancôme products Lancôme as an......

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