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The problem that the Lancer Gallery facing is, whether they want to remain as a seller of authentic artifacts or accept the offer from the mass merchandise department store chain in wish they want to market the lancer gallery artifact.



2.1.1) Product

The lancer gallery is among a few suppliers that exist in the market that supply the only authentic product. The controllable factor that they are facing is, in the term of product itself where they are facing the problem to get the authentic artifacts. The difficulty to get the authentic products has force them to do several steps in order to overcome it. Firstly, the Lancer gallery, forced to add three new buyers in the last 2 years. Secondly, they wish to market the replica artifacts. They only produce higher quality replica made by the crafts people in which the truly knowledgeable buyer- a collector, would know that they were replica.

2.1.2) Place

The Lancer gallery facing the controllable factor in term of the market or places to sell their authentic artifacts. At the early age of their business, Lancer gallery only pushes their products through their own showings. As acceptance grew, Lancer gallery expanded the distribution of artifacts to specialty dealers (including selected interior designers and decorators), firm-sponsored showings, and a few exclusive department stores.

2.2) UNCONTROLLABLE 2.2.1) Competitors

The Lancer gallery has identified 11 major competitors today, in which they only had about 5 major competitors a decade ago in which this is something that Lancer gallery unable to control.

2.2.2) Governmental

The Lancer gallery faces a distribution problem…...

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