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Lance Armstrong
Top of Form | | | Instructions | | Read the article in chapter 11 about Lance Armstrong. One of the first things you will notice about this article is that it is not current.In January of 2013, he publicly admitted, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, that he had in fact used performance enhancing drugs throughout his career.Talk a little a little about the foundation that Lance established, and discuss how it was affected by his public admission of drug use.You may wish to browse the internet to obtain more current details about Mr. Armstrong and his Foundation.Your paper should be at least 3 paragraphs to get full credit, and submitted as an attachment to this drop box.How did this affect his credibility and sponsorships? What does it say about his regard for Ethical behavior? Lance Armstrong freely chose to begin using enhancing drugs agents to boost his performance. However, it is clear that mental or physical dependence arises throughout his use of steroids. Athletes take a variety of substances to improve their performance; this can lead to dependence. A study by Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, found that approximately 30% of anabolic steroid users develop physical dependence. Even after experiencing extreme physical side effects, relationship problems, and issues at work, Lance Armstrong could not control his use for steroid. This causes his steroid use to increase and him to increase his doses to his tolerance. There is also a distinct withdrawal syndrome that arises when people addicted to steroids cut back their use. These properties are shared by other drugs of addiction, such as alcohol or cocaine user.Lance Armstrong experienced mental and physical addiction as the result of his use of performance-enhancing drug. His pattern of…...

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...philosophy is that over time, people will learn the skills they need to complete the job if they are loyal to the company and to the family. Standard procedures have evolved over time, but there is no need to formalize them in such a small organization. Suggested changes in procedures may come from employees, but they are implemented only with the approval ofMr. Lee. Copyrighto200l,2004bythePresidentandFellowsofHarvardCollege. Allrightsreserved. (Rev 0l/01.) Pn ocnau ON NecorrATroN Ar HaRVARD Law Scgoor- AN nren-rnuveRslTy coNSoRTIUM To IMpRovE TI{E THEoRy AND pRACTIcE oF coNFlrcr RESOLUTToN MroLnE: IN Punsurr oF a HnarrHy Jonvr VENrunp Confidential Instructions for Pat Armstrong, MedDevice, Inc.'s Director of International Strategic Market Research You are Pat Armstrong, Director of International Strategic Market Research. You have been working at MedDevice, Inc. since you earned your MBA two years ago and landed this muchcoveted position. You were hired to survey and analyze potential overseas market opportunities and have just completed your analysis ofthe Southeast Asian region. Your research indicates that while most of the Southeast Asian countries possess markets ripe for MedDevice's products, the best way to enter the market is via joint venture partnerships with local companies who have the distribution networks and local know-how necessary for success in this business. Your research report has been very well received and the company has......

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...07/13/12 Dr. Will Project 1 Final Lance Armstrong is a world famous cyclist that has won many races including seven of the famous Tour de France (one of the worlds’ famous cycling races). He has been through many obstacles in his life including having to go through the process of overcoming testicular cancer that had spread to a lot of different parts of his body. He is one of the many lucky people in the world that was able to survive testicular cancer. Armstrong has been a true inspiration to many people in the world and has won a lot of awards. In the past couple years there has been many people debating whether Lance Armstrong deserved all the attention he got and all the prizes because they are saying that he was using drugs the whole time he was racing and that’s the reason he was winning. Ok for paragraph one. 1. Instead of saying cancer that had spread to allot of different parts of his body, why not name them? 2. How is he lucky? What percentages of people survive testicular cancer you should include a reference in there. 3. How does his debate on people claiming to use drugs tie in the paper? In the article, “Lance Armstrong: World Champion Cyclist” by Layne Cameron, the author talks about all the different races Lance Armstrong has been in and how he finally made it to be the world champion in cycling. The author, Layne Cameron, explains how Lance Armstrong had to overcome testicular cancer and how much work and effort he had to put into getting to where......

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