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In early 2009 Nielsen Mobile surveyed teenagers with cell phones. On average each sent and received an astounding 2,272 text messages per month. The national School Boards
Association estimated that high and middle school students devoted an average of nine hours to social networking each week. Add blogging, email IM, tweets and other digital time and you can see what a crazy hurried communication system people experience today. Nearly all of their communication tools involve the exchange of written words alone. At least phones, cellular and otherwise, allow the transmission of tone of voice, pauses and the like. But even these clues are absent in the text-dependent world. Users insert smiley-faces (emoticons) into emails, but they don't see each others' actual faces. They read comments on Face book, but
They don't "read" each others' posture, hand gestures, eye movements, shifts in personal space and other nonverbal—and expressive—beha
Back in 1959, anthropologist Edward T. Hall labeled these expressive human attributes
"the Silent Language." Hall argued that body language, facial expressions and stock mannerisms function "in juxtaposition to words," imparting feelings, attitudes, reactions and judgments in a different register.
This is why, Hall explained, U.S. diplomats could enter a foreign country fully competent in the native language and yet still flounder from one miscommunication to another, having failed to Decode the manners, gestures and subtle protocols that go along with words. And how could they, for the "silent language" is acquired through acculturation, not schooling. Not only is it unspoken; it is largely unconscious. The meanings that pass through it remain implicit, more felt than understood.

For Hall, breakdowns in nonverbal communication took place most damagingly in cross-cultural circumstances—for instance, federal…...

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