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Parents should be punished when their child breaks the law. Do you agree? yes .. for example when a young person drinks to excessive and goes to the hospital .. the parents should pay. make a list of possible problems with children ... consider an age range, ... parental guidance and the limits ... and the consequences
A “get tough” on juvenile crime perspective seems to dominate public opinion as school shooting incidents continue to occur across the nation and the media reports young children committing violent crimes. After virtually every incident, questions emerge about the juvenile's parents and what role they played (or should have played) in their child's life. Parental responsibility laws, varying greatly within and among the states, have appeared as one answer to these questions. Although these laws would seem to garner great public support under the new punitive attitude toward juveniles, no recent empirical studies have been conducted to determine if the public believes that parents should be held responsible and punished for their children's crimes. This dissertation organizes the different forms of parental responsibility laws into three separate categories. The first category is the civil liability imposed on parents when their children damage someone's property or inflict personal injury. The second category is the “contributing to the delinquency of a minor” statutes that apply to parents or other adults who encourage a juvenile in some way to break the law. The third category is the most broad because it encompasses the parental responsibility laws that encourage or require the parents to become involved in their child's delinquency case. Through a series of three empirical studies, public support of parental responsibility and punishment were examined. Contrary to expectations, public support was relatively low. Overall, demographic…...

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