Journal Article Review on East Africa's Great Rift Valley; a Complex Rift System

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Journal Article Review on East Africa's Great Rift Valley: A Complex Rift System
I. Introduction
The never ending saga on how the earth was created continues on. Numerous scientists have attempted to state different theories and this article describes how two Michigan Tech affiliates believe the East African Rift Valley was created. It is written from an old-earth viewpoint as it was believed to have originated billions of years ago.

II. Brief Overview and Main Points
In this article, the authors James Wood and Alex Guth try and visually describe the area along the rifts in East Africa. They also provide the reader with a detailed explanation of how they believe the rifts were formed. Through this, they are attempting to convince readers that the world had evolved billions of years ago and humans were present in this area at that same time, based on what they have studied.
III. Article Strengths
One of the strengths of this article includes, but is not limited to, the very informative colored digital maps seen online to assist the reader in visualizing the East Africa area. The authors go in depth describing this area, the surrounding geographic features, and their theory of how they feel the rifts were formed. The authors reaffirm this throughout the article, and make it exceptionally clear that the cause of the East African Rift is still unknown, despite their own theory. I feel the authors did not write with precision in regards to the accuracy of the article but were very concise on not knowing the specific cause of the EARS. This will be discussed below under article weaknesses.
IV. Article Weaknesses
Although the colored digital maps were one of the strengths listed above, I felt they would have been more educational for me, had it included every area and condition that was mentioned in the article labeled as well. There were multiple erroneous…...

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