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Living in the USA

I moved to the United Stated two years ago and l like here because of many reasons. I think living in the USA was the best choice of my life.
The first reason I want to stay here is that the internet speed is fast. I remembered when I stayed in china; the poor quality of internet signal caused me frustrated. I enjoy using computer in the USA. For example, I can download movies or games in my computer at home, and it just cost me a few of time. I can do my homework and get online lecture at school, and it never have been influence of my study’s plan. I don’t even worry about when I take an exam in online, the network break down in the way. I like the networking system from USA because it gives me lots of convenience of my life.
The second reason is the environment in the USA is great. There has good air quality in the USA because of a huge area and a small population in the USA; I enjoy living here. For example, I like to exercises with my grandpa in morning, we enjoy running because we can breathe the clean air and get good healthy body. In evening, I like walking by my house after the dinner. I will feel very well at the outside because of the good air quality in the USA. The environmental reason caused me stay into the USA.
The main reason I want to stay in the USA is that the most of residents have good attitude. People hope to live with nice neighbors and they will help you when you get some trouble. For example, when the first time I arrived to the USA, I cannot speak English. I attended to a free English class at Pleasanton public library. The classmates and the teacher were nice; they encouraged me speaking and taught me spelling the words. The teachers in the college were nice, too. They were kindly to teach us knowledge and carefully solve the question that we give them, and they will care about each student in their class. In…...

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