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1.0.0 Introduction As today’s contemporary life, manager and management have become indispensable parts for company’s development. Up to now, lots of people cannot distinguish between manager and management. They are not the same thing. But manager and management must go hand in hand and they are complementary. Speaking of manager, Manager is responsible for planning and guiding the work of a group of individuals, and take corrective action when necessary. The manager must be familiar with the team he/she supervises. For example, a bar will often have a general manager who helps the regulars and supervise staff. Inside the most general office there will be one manager, such as project manager. The most important thing for the manager is to know how to manage the staff than to know how to do their work well. Management is an individual or a group of people, running an organization to accept responsibility. They plan, organize, direct and control an organization of all important events. Management does not do the things by themselves; they will let staffs to do it. But they always motivate workers to do the job together and co-ordinate all the work for achieving the objectives of the organization. Even though, there are many different between manager and management. But they are all play very important role in an organization. They have mutual cooperation with each other to achieving same goal in a company. The following paragraph I will going take Starbucks to analysis more detail about how do manager and management work together to achieving company’s…...

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