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Predictors of Reading Literacy in the Netherlands
Drs. Andrea Netten, National Language Center, The Netherlands Prof. dr. Ludo Verhoeven, National Language Center, The Netherlands Dr. Mienke Droop, National Language Center, The Netherlands

The purpose of this study was to construct a longitudinal model that predicts reading literacy at the end of primary school. The data of 822 students who participated on a combined PRIMA and PIRLS 2001 study and PRIMA 2003 study were analyzed. The following student variables were considered for the model predicting Reading Literacy in grade 6: Nonverbal Intelligence, Home Reading Resources, Decoding, Language Comprehension, Mathematics, Reading Motivation, Academic Self-confidence and Reading Literacy in grade 4. The fit of the model was found to be good. The model explained 62% of the variance in Reading Literacy in Grade 6. The three school-learned skills that were entered in the model; Language, Decoding and Mathematics have proven to be important predictors for reading literacy. With respect to the two variables measuring attitudes, Reading Motivation and Academic Self-Confidence, it can be concluded that they contributed, either direct or indirect, to the prediction of reading literacy in grade 6, although they explained only a small part of the variance.

For a student to become a successful and productive adult in society, good reading skills are essential. To refer to the demands for literacy in today’s society the term reading literacy was introduced; “the ability to understand and use those written language forms required by society and/or valued by the individual.” Reading literacy is now generally accepted as one of the most important skills that children develop. (Mullis, Kennedy, Martin, & Sainsbury, 2006). Reading literacy and the variables that are associated with that ability have been a…...

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