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IT 220: Network Standards and Protocols
Chapter 1: Odd Questions Only 1-50

1. State whether the following network descriptions are describing a MAN, WAN or LAN:
a. A network of users that share computer resources in a limited area – LAN
b. A network of users that share computer resources across a metropolitan area – MAN
c. A network that connects local area networks across a large geographic area – WAN

3. Expand the acronym MAC – Media Access Control

5. Expand the acronym WAN – Wide Area Network

7. Define the term topology – Topology is the architecture of a network

9. A disadvantage of the token-ring system is that if an error changes the token pattern, it can cause the token to stop circulating. This can be eliminated by adding a d. token-ring hub

11. What is the difference between a hub and a switch? A hub broadcasts the data it receives to all devices connected to its ports and a switch forwards a frame it receives directly out of the port associated with its destination address.

13. What information is not included in an Ethernet frame? a. Frame size

15. What is the minimum and maximum size of an Ethernet frame? The minimum length of the Ethernet frame is 64 bytes from the destination MAC address through the frame check sequence. The maximum Ethernet frame length is 1518 bytes, 6 bytes for the destination MAC address, 6 bytes for the source MAC address, 2 bytes for length/type, and 1500 bytes for the data.

17. What does the OUI represent? The OUI represents the first 3 bytes of the MAC address that identifies the manufacturer of the network hardware.

19. INTERNET SEARCH: Find the device manufacturer for the following Ethernet devices: a. 00-C0-4F-49-68-AB – Dell Computer Corporation b. 00-0A-27-B7-3E-F8 – Apple Computer, Inc. c. 00-04-76-B6-9D-06 – 3 Com Corporation d. 00-00-36-69-42-27 – ATARI Corporation


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