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Research in Information Technology
The Bi-annual Publication of the ACM Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education

In This Issue: The Editor’s Note Information for Authors Feature Article: Risk Forecast Using Hidden Markov Models, by Charles Pak and James Cannady, Nova Southeastern University 1 2 4

Editorial Board
Rob Friedman, New Jersey Institute of Technology email:

The Editor’s Note
RIT continues its efforts to disseminate fresh ideas and new knowledge based on our scholarly pursuits in user-centered computing. Our mission is to publish peer-reviewed articles that present original research findings germane to the theories and practices of information technology. We seek papers that present substantive additions, comments and challenges to the theory and practice of programming, networking, information management, web systems and user-centered design.
This issue presents an example of research continuity and progress. Charles Pak and James Cannady have expanded their previously published research into Hidden Markov Models as an approach to apprising IT security analysts, managers and administrators of changes to the nature and intensity of the threats that plague our increasingly networked world. As the authors conclude, “The research results of this study offer a valuable contribution to the field of information security. When risk can be forecasted before the actual risk materializes, stakeholders can effectively manage risk before it becomes a reality.” We encourage educators and researchers to maximize their contributions by attempting to validate or improve upon their results, or apply the methodologies described in the pages below in novel ways. As always, keep Research in IT in mind when considering where to place your, or your students’ next article. We also encourage you to consider…...

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