Investigating Public Perceptions of Carbon Dioxide Utilisation (Cdu) Technology: a Mixed Methods Study

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Investigating public perceptions of carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) technology: a mixed methods study†
C. R. Jones,*ac D. Kaklamanou,b W. M. Stuttard,a R. L. Radforda and J. Burleya

Received 5th May 2015, Accepted 10th June 2015
DOI: 10.1039/c5fd00063g

Carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) technologies hold promise for helping to limit atmospheric releases of CO2 while generating saleable products. However, while there is growing investment in the research and development required to bring CDU to the market, to date there has been very little systematic research into public perceptions of the technology. The current research reports upon the findings of a series of six qualitative focus groups (and an associated questionnaire) held with members of the UK public in order to discuss the perceived benefits and risks of CDU technology. The findings reveal that public awareness of CDU is currently very low and that there is a desire to learn more about the technology. While our participants did, on average, appear to develop an overall positive attitude towards CDU, this attitude was tentative and was associated with a number of caveats. The implications for the findings in terms of the development of communication and broader strategies of public engagements are outlined.

Anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are a primary cause of current global warming and climate change.1 Carbon dioxide utilisation (CDU) technologies have the potential to help mitigate the release of CO2 to the atmosphere by making use of some of the emissions from…...

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