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Introduction Facebook, My, Space, LinkedIn, Friendster, Cloudworks, Twitter are but a few examples of the relatively new phenomenon of online social networking. People of all ages are flocking to the internet and are signing up for social networking sites by the millions. Facebook, the examples, boasted 901 million monthly active users and more than 125 billion friend connections at the end of March (Key Facts 2012). This popularity of online social networking sites (SNSs) is constantly growing. Educators are set to take advantage of the multiple collaboration tools and discussion opportunities provided by social networking sites for secondary and higher education ( Hoffman, 2009:Mason & Rennie 2008, as cited in Forkosh-Baruch & Hershkowitz, 2012). Despite the fact that there is limited guidance on how educators can intergrate social networking sites into subject which have been traditionally delivered face-to-face (Andrew & Drennan, 2009), teachers are on the lookout for information on the potential benefits or harmful effects using SNSs as a new and innovative way to try to engage students and improve students achievement.
Being in a worlds where the use of modern technology is rampant, most students habitually use the internet and its social networking sites. As students, they have the responsibilities to study. But there are always distractions that may affect how the study – one of these distractions is the addiction to social networking sites. This study is about finding out how the uses of these sites affect the ways student, specially the De la Salle University Students, who use them study for their lesson in school. This study aims to know (yung objective natin ilalagay sa part na…...

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...and explore their career path. Our Strengths Our Strength is derived from the motivation - of delivering service of a high order.  And working towards it, is our team - dedicated, innovative and with a keen sense of competition .The team is a result of the coming together of qualified professionals capable of providing the best of creative intellectual innovative and cost effective packages for varied requirements. We offer vacancies for IT Business Consulting Customer Relationship Management Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Engineering Services ERP and Business Analytics Infrastructure Services Microsoft Hospitality Catering and Hospitality Chef Recruitment Hotel and Leisure Corporate Reception Trending jobs Intoduction : Software development Jobs offer incredible open doors for junior experts who figured out how to discover them. Programming engineers in the United Kingdom get to chip away at incredible undertakings while procuring a living. Contingent upon the businesssector part they are working inside, a product engineer can discover the right harmony in the middle of inborn and fiscal prizes. Notwithstanding, graduates and youthful experts need to discover these occupations first before they can ponder winning a living and doing what they adore. Chasing for programming designer employments is more troublesome than it sounds for various reasons. When you are searching for engineering jobs, its imperative to have the capacity to discover them......

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