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In researching communication methods we decided to combine a few internet techniques which appeal to our age demographic and are on the rise still. The internet holds a whole lot of communication methods and the ones that our team Tech 89 have chosen to use are Interactive marketing, which holds a number of subcategories but we are only choosing a few; seeing as how communication can also be a downfall. For our Interactive Marketing we have chosen a Web Site, Search Advertisements (AD’s), and Display AD’s, following this list we will break down how we will seek to use such communication methods.

Having a web site is crucial for any business in this fast advancing technology world, a web site is crucial for consumers to be able to know our mission statement, history, information on our product, specification on our product, solutions, where to find our product, recipes, and a way to communicate to our consumer and enhance along with strengthen our community.

The other second Interactive Marketing we have chosen is Pay-Per-Click Advertisements. Our team found this method of advertisement, by only using this type of search method we are able to keep our cost down and still reach out to our consumer or potential customers, spark interest, and raise product awareness. By using paid search ad’s we will be able to attract more consumers seeking anything related to food, cooking, wine, art or anything that has to do with the kitchen. The way our Paid Per Click AD will work is by anyone that is searching food relevance, our ad will pop-up; making the consumer aware of our product and spark interest in our product and linking them to our web site where they can fully emerge in.

The third internet communication method Tech 89 has chosen is Display AD’s or Banner AD’s, these are higher in cost but are the best way for anyone who has an interest in the art of the…...

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