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TAYO O. ADEYEMI The Builders Mind. Vol. 1 No. 1 9/28/2014

Integrated Building Services installation in Floors



Integrated Building Services installation in Floors

1.0 Floor Systems Floor structures comprise beams and slabs. The beams are attached to Columns that are placed in the optimum locations for effective use of the space. Column-free space has become an important design requirement in modern commercial buildings to achieve flexibility in use. Many long-span beam systems have been developed with spans of up to 18 m, which means that internal columns are not required for many building layouts. In addition to their function in supporting imposed loads, floors often act as horizontal diaphragms, ensuring horizontal forces are transferred to the vertical bracing, or cores. Furthermore, the floor components (floor slab, decking and beams) must also provide the required fire resistance as influenced by the building height and use. Services may be integrated with the structural zone, or may be suspended below the floor. Structural floors may have a directly applied floor finish, or a screed, or a raised floor to provide distribution of electrical and communication services. The following floor systems are described:       Composite beams and composite slabs. Integrated floor beams Cellular beams (either using hot rolled steel sections or fabricated sections). Composite beams with precast concrete units. Integrated floor beams (also known as slim floor beams). Non-composite beams with pre-fabricated concrete slabs

1.1 Composite Floors Composite floors comprise profiled steel decking, which is lifted onto the steelwork in bundles and usually man-handled into position. A fall arrest system is installed immediately after the…...

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