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Story of the innovation
Instagram, as a free online photo sharing application with unique filters and social media networking opportunities, has first been launched by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 6, 2010 on Apple’s App Store. The development of the application first began in San Francisco Silicon Valley, with the attempt of the creators to launch the service application using their HTML5 mobile web application knowledge which they have first started through a check-in project named Brbn. With the inspiration the two owners got from their observations through Brbn that people would actually tend to share more photos on online applications, they decided to evolve the idea into a more specialized and innovative one, which is Instagram. The mobile photography application was first started on launch, with the seed funding $500.000 which was once provided by Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz in March 2010 while the owners were working for Brbn. Starting from November 2010 after the launch of the application on Apple’s App Store, new employees as community manager, engineers and community evangelist were started to be hired for the Instagram project, which has become a company by then. It is stated by the owners that it took only 8 weeks to build and ship Instagram, however, it was a product of a year of work.
The co-founders were at working for Brbn at the beginning of their idea generation and innovation stage, which was giving the service of being able to create profiles and sharing location, photographs and interests. However a short time later they found out that this was not yet in an innovation level and to be innovative, their service should be specified and it should have unique aspects. Since the co-founders were young entrepreneurs who wanted to use the changing dynamics and trends of their social environment as an opportunity,…...

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