Initial Process of a Lawsuit

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Smart & Lee PPC, 1212 Third Ave, Suite 300,
Bellevue, Florida 25515

March 30, 2015
Via Mail 305 Hanford Ave Richland, Florida 25518

To: Jim Knott
Easy Construction
305 Hanford Ave, Richland, Florida 25518

Re: Jim Knott at Easy Construction vs. Cindy Tank, Sunshine Tank Supplies

Dear Mr, Knott,
Thank you for choosing our firm to represent you in the above mentioned case. Please be advised that we have started your court petition on your behalf. We would like to advise you of the legal process and what it will entail as your case proceeds. As your complaint has already been filed on your behalf, the next step will be for the defendant Cindy Tank, Sunshine Tank Supplies to be served. Once served, our office will await a response to your complaint. Our office will be contracting a process service company to insure service upon the defendant, along with a delivery receipt. Once delivery has taken place, the defendant has a time frame within which she must reply in order to properly respond to the complaint. Depending upon receipt of a response, your case will move forward accordingly. The discovery process then happens. This process allows both parties to exchange evidence and documentation relating to the case. Our office will then schedule the defendant with a subpeona, for further questioning.
Once both parties have been questioned and discovery is complete, both parties can either come to an agreement or settlement and the case can be dismissed. If neither parties are able to reach a mutual agreement for a dismissal of the case or a settlement, then the case will likely go to trial. We like to advise our clients; once a case goes into trial any decesion ruled by the judge can not be edited. As a settlement case can be flexible and worked around versus a trialed case. Once a final verdict is reached, judgment will be entered with the…...

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