Information Flow Within an Organization

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Information Flow in an Organization
, information is created for meaning, decision making and sharing of knowledge. Just like a river flowing information flows from one place to another, into every house, school or organization. The flow begins with the creation of the data at a terminal; this is the beginning of the information flow. From there the information flows down the pipeline through the network which is like a pipeline. Within this network of pipes you have the switching and routing of the information flow, like the valves used to push water from one location to another. From there the information flows to storage facilities like large storage facilities, these facilities in a data network are the servers, mainframes are used in conjunction with software to store, collate, and share the data just waiting to be accessed and shared. Once a person turns on the faucet or access the information the flow starts again, from the storage facility to another set of switches/routers or valves. This information is accessed like getting a drink of water. Information flow within an organization is an ever evolving process; it is circular in nature according to its activities.

Chesapeake Energy’s information flow starts with the design of the information network or pipeline, network circuits include cell modems, T1 and fiber circuits. From here the routers and switches are put in place to send the information to the right storage facility or server. Software is created to determine what level of data is needed, like the collection of natural gas output. This input of data starts at the lowest level with the Well Tender who constantly checks the output of the well and ensures that the production rates on old analog paper and ink graphs match with the monitoring device. From the monitoring device and well tender Billions of Cubic feet of gas is measured for its…...

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