Influence of Visual Media

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Influence of Visual Media

Monica Simmons


July 15, 2012
Patricia (Mary) Morriss

Influence of Visual Media

Visual entertainment media has had its hand in shaping American culture and its values ever since radio was pushed to the side when the first television sets appeared in family living rooms. Everyone crowded around to see TV specials, quiz shows or the news, but today you can carry your TV with you via smartphones and iPads. If it was not for Philo Farnsworth and his patented invention of transmitting TV pictures electronically, there would be no TV today. When television was young it was in black and white with only the news and TV specials that were live. Before there were commercials, only one sponsor would develop and produce a single show such as Texaco Theater. TV was family friendly where the parents slept in twin beds and never showed them being intimate. Lucy giving birth to Little Ricky on I Love Lucy was somewhat of a scandal even though having children is a part of life, but no one wanted to see it on TV. Today, TV is much more open because of the birth of cable and trying to compete by starting to include brief nudity (NYPD Blue), coarse language and violence. When VHS and DVRs came on the scene, people did not have to watch what was on TV at the moment nor was there a real reason for anyone to sit in front of the TV, they can record everything. The news format has changed to 24 hours a day that covers news from around the world to watching Congress on CSPAN, we are able to see what our government is working on. TV has crossed over into social media, now with Hulu, Netflix and other internet sites, TV is no longer a piece of furniture in your home, you can take it with you. When people are not watching TV, they go to the movies which has come a long way since the nickelodeons. Movies were silent, then became “talkies”…...

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...Influence of Visual Media Radio was the popular media until television became the leader in mass media. Television reached out to people in a visual and auditory sense. The influence of this visual entertainment coupled with major motion pictures shaped and influenced American culture in ways that are negative as well as positive. The positive aspects range from instantaneous world news coverage such as weather events to political wars. Sporting events or learning how to prepare a favorite meal is available through a television in a person’s home. Major motion pictures “the movies” brought big screen entertainment to people where they were able to escape reality of their own lives and get lost in the plot of a story shown on the big screen. Some of the television shows and the motion pictures have mirrored real life activities and at other times are fictitious or a combination of both. There is ample proof in society that media is responsible for generating negative feelings among its viewers. Children are especially vulnerable to the negative influence of violence or viewing alcohol use, and abuse in films. When people frequently view death, sex, rape, suicide, and murder, it is a negative influence, because there are images etched in their subconscious that can never be unviewed. The television shows cost money to produce and air time has to be bought to show the program on television. Commercials are sold in order to pay for the cost of the shows. The......

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...Influence of Visual Media Paper By: Marco Contreras There is a strong link, or interrelationship, between culture and visual entertainment media. Visual entertainment media has been used to depict, and to some extent, influence society and culture. Everything we watch on television, film and even digital gaming has influenced us in one way or another. We can easily see an array of examples of these influences. For instance, Marilyn Monroe was considered a huge “sex symbol.” Visual media created this image of her as the “ideal woman,” thus many other women at the time began to imitate her and her style. Another example is the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez. At one point in time, being “anorexic skinny” was what every woman aspired to be. This changed thanks to the exposure of Jennifer Lopez through visual entertainment media. Her “curvy” body became the “ideal” much like Marilyn Monroe was during her time. As such, many women began to change their concept of what is “sexy” or the “ideal woman.” Unfortunately, not all visual entertainment media’s influence on society has been positive. There have been saddening examples, such as the appearance of the television show “Sixteen and Pregnant.” Instead of learning from the show, young teenage girls began to imitate this behavior. Next thing we know, there was a wave of teenage girls getting pregnant across the country. We see all these music video where sex, drugs, and alcohol are glamorized. Kids think that...

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