Importance of Ethics for the Overall Success of an Undergraduate Student

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Role of ethics is so important for the overall success of an undergraduate student. Though ethics are not practiced like rules and regulations or law and order but it plays a major role in the society. According to Oxford Dictionary the word ethics is described as a set of accepted norms or values that enhances the quality of work and safe guard dignity of a professional. If someone doesn’t stand along with ethics, it never becomes a punishable event but could create many problems. According to (, 2014) punctuality, time management, morality, integrity are some of the ethical factors which will be discussed below. In the case of undergraduate students adhere to ethics could be benefited in many ways and it is for his or her present and future both. Starting from being punctual, for an example if someone get late for his/her lectures when he/her enter the classroom it will disturb everyone. So by attending the lectures on time will save the time of his/her and others as well. Some students rush at the last moment when submitting their assignments as they haven’t completed it by the given time. But if they are punctual they won’t get late to submit their assignments as they have managed the time properly. Students who have a good morality always try to stick to ethics and don’t try to cheat on exams. But the students who try to cheat on exams lack morality and integrity which means being honest and truthful as reported in Yahoo Contributor Network, (2014) Another unethical way is that the students try to copy and paste materials to their assignments from internet as they lack morality and integrity which would lead to plagiarism. So it’s always important to have a good morality on an individual so that he/she would not give up on subject matters. Brown and karger (2009) argues that treating everyone equally without considering sex,…...

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