Impacts of Human Life Expectancy

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Impact of Human Life Expectancy Increases in life expectancy in the world’s human population has measurable effects on the environment. Since recorded history, the age that people die has expanded to approximately
75 years, on average. Most experts believe that this is due to social reforms and technology, rather than evolution. People did not start evolving to increased life expectancies; rather they became more efficient at using medicines, disease prevention, processing food and energy sources and this had an increasing effect in simply living longer. Sex, age, geographic location, demographic groups, time period and wealth certainly are factors when calculating life expectancy. In the middle ages, a child living past the age of five could potentially live well beyond a projected age of 25 years. This depended greatly on surviving birth or disease and if they happened to be a member of higher social class, having access to better or a higher abundance of food. Statistics for women actually surviving child-birth are much higher in recent history than
200 years ago, Simply because we are better suited medically to overcome the problems they experienced. Geographic and economic status are another big part of the increases. Developed nations have significant increases when compared to many lesser developed nations. The World Health
Organization shows no real large increases in life expectancies in many nations in Africa and the
Mid-East over specific recorded time periods. Barrett 2 There are certainly other variables that can be added to impact the statistical results.
Natural disasters, wars and disease epidemics all have been documented to cause several million premature deaths. Taking war or economics aside, the other factors affect other species at generally the same rates…...

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