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There are a lot of famous person influencing the world just because they created something extraordinary which we utilize it every day. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest people who affect our lives not only because his amazing products, but his creativity has enhanced the current products to follow its style and design. For example, the iPhone have led the chief of cellphone industry; the iPad is leading the android tablet and windows tablets to follow its shape and design. That is only the positive side of him. What about his negative side about the ethics of a successful businessman and inventor can be barely seen? Not everyone is perfect. Steve Jobs was one of the kind. The categorical imperative is the best term that depicts Steve Jobs’ behavior because he broke the contract with the shipper. As the categorical imperative telling us, we should not adopt a principle if we cannot make a promise to others. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple as a CEO, he complained that their shipping company did not do their work fast enough and did not even ship Apple’s spare parts on time (AUSTEN). However, the shipping company said they could not do better anymore and they didn’t want to do. Because the shipper has signed a contract with Apple, Apple would involve lawsuit if they break the contract with the shipper. Without any consideration, Jobs did not want to play game with the shipper any more, then fired the shipper. Then of course the shipper did sue Apple. Consequently, Apple had to spend a lot of money on the lawsuit. That was the way Steve Jobs did his business. The categorical imperative mentions that “one should not adopt principles of action unless they can, within out inconsistency, be adopted by everyone” (Steiner 241). In that case, the shipper was fired because they shipped the products slower than Jobs’ perspective even though they…...

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