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One Out of the Kind “Come on Jack, tie it and let’s go,” yelled Papa Johnny. I was just re-tying my bandage on my leg. Why’d I have a bandage? Oh, and you’re probably wondering who Papa Johnny is. Well, he’s the head of the herd, also known as my dad and my life saver. He’s not really my father, as you can tell. I mean, you can spot out quickly that I’m the only cat in the herd.
My original family left me when I was just a fur ball, and Mama Nita was the one who found me behind a dumpster. They accepted me and took care of me as I grew up. But I still don’t feel as if I belong. They gave me the bunny ears on my head so I could feel like one of them, and it did help me with the others in the herd. But to my kind, well, it almost ended my life one day, although, that same day I’ve never loved my family so much. That day, I was guarding our ally way like Papa Johnny tells me to, while the herd is out grabbing food. Then, the Junk Yard Cats came. Papa and Mama always told me about them and how they were the only pack they’ve seen around that was my kind, but they didn’t want me to ever be one of them. They had this kind of label on themselves. Well, Junk Yard Cats pretty much explains where they come from. Papa Johnny told me a few stories about them; like how they would do stupid stunts on railroad tracks, or jump off high places like bridges. Papa also told me they weren’t that intelligent. Mama Nita told me how they would walk around thinking that they owned the place. I always told them I’d be strong enough to take them on, but I was wrong that day. “Here kitty kitty kitty kitty!” said Bobby, one of the members.
“He ain’t no cat Bobby; he’s a pretty boy now. With his precious bunny ears that his hoppin’ mama gave him!” said Sean, the leader. “Where’s your jumpin’ family? Doing all the hard work while they leave the weak link at home?”
“You guys can go…...

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