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Leandra Bizzarro
Mr. Matthew Thompson
IB Reflective project
20 December 2015
Reflection: Mandated Reporting Student Safety vs. Family Privacy U.S.A.
Everyone generally agrees that reporting child abuse and neglect in order to end it is a good thing. Yet, there is so much ethical conflict around mandated reporting and who is required to report. Federal law, 42 U.S. Code § 13031 - Child abuse reporting, section a requires “A person who, while engaged in a professional capacity on Federal land or in a federally operated (or contracted) facility, learns of facts that give reason to suspect that a child has suffered an incident of child abuse, shall as soon as possible make a report of the suspected abuse” (law cornell). This specifically includes teachers and other school officials. This then brings up debates of privacy versus safety and teachers responsibility to the students and their education versus government protocol and responsibilities. School officials must report if there is reasonable cause of suspicion of abuse (ct.gov). This could range from physical injuries, statements the child makes, or evidence of neglect such as weight issues, medical issues, and same clothes day to day. The conflict with many of these forms of reasonable suspicion are the can be because of other things as well. Very often when associating with young children you will realize they often have unexplained scrapes and bruises or fantastic stories for how they got them. A struggle when looking at a child’s weight and eating habits as evidence, that many teachers dealt with while teaching me due to my slim figure and constant hunger, is it could just be the way the child eats and looks. Constant illness could be a result of a weak immune system while consistently wearing the same clothes may be because the child just loves those clothes.…...

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