I Believe in God

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23 January 2015
I believe in God
Life is about accepting yourself and moving on from the past. Throughout life we may experience things that can lead us to certain beliefs or views about certain subjects. For example, religion. Religion is a tough subject to talk about, because we all have different views about God and gone through different paths that can lead us to different beliefs about this subject.
Although I’ve had a tough childhood I believe in God. In the past and even now, I still ask myself how God can take away the people who you love and care for the most. I lost my older brother five years ago. I remember losing faith in God, hating and yelling, why he would hurt me and family like this? What did we do to deserve something like this? Throughout time I learned that we all have different fates, and what we go through makes us what we are today. God has made me a stronger person, I understood that everything we go through can either break us or make us. The wound of losing my brother may never heal, but believing in god and in heaven has me at peace. I believe that once we pass we go to heaven. This gives me a certain kind of peace and hope of one day seeing my brother again. Today, and always I live to make my brother proud, I live day by day and make the best of it every day. You never know when you can lose someone or have your own life taken away. God has written a story for each one of us, we just have to believe and have faith in…...

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