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Executive Summary

In this project, we have tried to understand the HR development policies that are being followed at Tata Motors Ltd. We explore the various facets of the policies by studying the literature of the HR policies, by discussing about these policies with the HR of the company and also speaking to the employees of the company.
First of all we look at the Organization as a whole, what it stands for, what are its core values, vision and mission and then delve into the HRM practices, mainly with respect to its Human Resource development. We zero in to four categories to which these policies can be broken down to: * Assessment & Feedback * Career Progression & Job Rotation * Training & Development * Performance Awards
For the purpose of evaluation of these policies, we conduct our primary research in the RECON department of Lucknow Works of Tata Motors Ltd. The research consists of an online survey and a few in depth interviews.
From the responses we have tried to objectively assess the perception of these policies and tried to indentify the areas where there is a mismatch between employee expectation and HR objective.
Towards the end, we have come up with some recommendations that could be looked at as possible options to further improve the policy framework.

To be a world class corporate furthering the interest of all its stakeholders
* Shareholders * To consistently create shareholder value by generating returns in excess of weighted average cost of capital(WACC) during the upturn and atleast equal to weighted average cost of capital(WACC) during the downturn of business cycle

* Customers * To strengthen the TATA brand and create lasting relationships within the customers by working slowly with business partners to provide superior value of money over…...

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