How Effectively Does Congress Fulfil Its Constitutional Roles?

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ow effectively does Congress fulfil its constitutional roles? (45)

Congress has many constitutional roles to fulfil such as the power of the purse, oversight, foreign policy and legislation. It can be argued that Congress does fulfil its constitutional roles as it may deliver effective over sighting, legislation, money bills, representation and foreign policy that may provide good checks and balances. However, most would argue that congress may not carry its roles effectively or sometimes not effectively enough which leads to poor scrutiny, and sometimes over-scrutinising, which leads to ineffective fulfilment of constitutional roles. I believe that the level of effectiveness will be the role of circumstances such as divided governments and united governments which can determine the effectiveness of congress for certain roles.

Congress has the role to pass legislation, scrutinise and emend bills for an effective fulfilment of the role. Congress will often amend bills which are initiated by the president in order to check the balance of power. With Congress commonly amend bills, it shows evidence of effective fulfilment of this role to scrutinise the work of the president. Congress will also take a vote on a bill which allows further scrutiny as bills may be passed or rejected by Congress. However, it can be argued that these roles are not effectively fulfilled. For instance, many bills get amended and sometimes heavily amended in such a way that bills come out the other end unrecognisable to the presidentâs proposals. An example of this would be Obamaâs healthcare bill, and this is evidence of ineffective scrutiny that leads to bad, watered-down legislation. It also shows the lack of compromises and consensus within Congress which further suggests that Congress doesnât fulfil its role effectively. In addition, many bills will be âpigeon holedâ by committees…...

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