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I would like to write about my favourite street in Manchester, and about some differences as i understood it from Making Social Live DVD, it is Wilmslow Street in Rusholme, this street is mainly full of takeaways and restaurants and few newsagents, jewllery shops, internet cafes and call centres, in the morning time the street is full of crowded buses as students go to their universities, whereas in relation to pedestrians the street is very quiet, interestingly, in the evening time the picture is the other way round, as you could notice that the street is full of pedestrians, on the other hand the buses are nearly empty.

There is an internet cafe and a call centre shop, i used to visit 10 years ago, at that time this Internet Cafe was very busy with customers especially students aged 20 -30, sometimes i found it hard to get a computer in the Cafe, when i had to wait a little bit. Nowadays this internet cafe is a bit quiet, one of the reasons i think that because the students used to use the internet only for study purpose, but after a decade the Internet became very popular, and its very difficult to imagine life without it, the internet covers every single side of our life, and you can also relay on the Net nearly in every aspect of your life, from reading your local newspaper and ordering your food and booking your flight ticket or checking the weather or even contact with friends and family or making new friends via facebook and tweeter.

Moreover when we know that free WiFi Internet connection is widely spread, and you can find a signal wherever you go, in the Restaurants, Hospitals, Hotels, So the change is significantly huge, and it has its impact on both students and internet cafe owners. and maybe couple of years later the internet cafe will vanish from the street.

There are a lot of Restaurants and Takeaways in Wilmslow Street, as i mentioned…...

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