How Colors Affects People

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How Colors affect People
Jasmine R Carter
ITT Technical Institute

December 24, 2012 Is sex the name of your game or power the way to your fame? What do these two things have in common? One simple word: “RED”. Power, anger, love, hate, and sex. All these feelings and emotions, plus much more can be stored inside this simple word. Many may think that a color is just a color, but studies have shown that it is much more than that! It can either attract the opposite sex or repel an opponent. There has been research on the color red and two different avenues of emotion it can produce and symbolize.
The beast stampedes into the jungle and there she is, beautiful and in red. Primates such as baboons and chimpanzees display red on their bodies during ovulation. Primatologists believe that this red is a sexual signal to attract males (Dixson, 1983). This lead researchers to examine weather this red ornamentation had analog in humans. The similarity being when woman used red to display their sexual behavior to men. Research suggests that red was a visual aphrodisiac in men when viewing women (Elliot, 2008). This concept can be seen in the world around us. In the 1999 film The Matrix, the main character, Neo, is stunningly attracted to a woman wearing a red dress when in fact he should have been paying attention to another character. In other aspects of the media, music artist have recognized the significance of The Lady in Red. What about the commonly known “Red light District”, or in other words, open for business? Red is also the most common color for lipstick and is fan favorite for the sex industry. It would appear that such information would point to a common link between the color red and sex.
An eager young lady logs onto a dating website and scrolls through her potentials. Suddenly she sees a very attractive suitor; he is…...

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