How About Measuring Intrapreneurship?

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Heinonen, Jarna
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Korvela, Kaisu
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This study discusses the concept and phenomenon of intrapreneurship as well as its prerequisites and outcomes. This study is a part of a larger research programme aiming at building a model of intrapreneurship and testing the model in different kinds of organisations and contexts. In this paper we present results of the survey of 8 companies and 184 employee responses. Based on these preliminary results we discuss the findings and implications for further research. The study points out that the prerequisites and outcomes of intrapreneurship have a positive dependency relation. Higher levels of the prerequisites of intrapreneurship both in quantity and quality, the more outcomes of intrapreneurship are observed. Measuring intrapreneurship sheds light on some aspects of the phenomenon studied, but it also leaves several questions unanswered. Therefore, in order to better understand it and to benefit from phenomenon, it is suggested to use versatile research approaches and to follow up and analyse intrapreneurial movements within organisations on a longitudinal basis.

Keywords: Intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, measurement
1. Introduction
Intrapreneurship is a concept linked to the entrepreneurial orientation of an organisation. Intrapreneurship has its roots in entrepreneurship literature, even though…...

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