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nternal Markets 1. [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] clients 2. Board members 3. Staff 4. Advisors/committees 5. Vendors 6. Alumni 7. Volunteers 8. Additional internal audiences identified by your organization
External Markets, Current and Potential 1. General population markets including the following current and potential markets in [city/state/region]:

* Families and individuals seeking assistance from your organization * Women * Men * Elderly * Adolescents * Children * Donors 1. Business and economic community including

* Employers * Referral agencies and social support organizations 1. Community service leaders and organizations 2. Political markets including legislators, mayor and civic officials 3. Neighbors - businesses, homes in the immediate geographic location 4. News media

Increase enrollment, heighten public awareness and enlist active moral and financial support for [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] as a [list type of resource] for the [give community name].
Utilize proven communications tools to effectively reach the target audiences.
Tactics: Staff Recognition
Recognize and reinforce staff recognition of the important role each member plays in the public image of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] * Invite staff participation in public relations activities * Provide a paging system to provide immediate assistance * Promote staff via news releases, email and web features, news pictures, radio/television appearances and interview opportunities as appropriate * Assist staff in obtaining speaking opportunities * Assist staff in preparing for appearances at expos, trade shows, fairs, parades, etc. * Promote image of [YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] by publicizing success stories of volunteers and staff through monthly awards in publications/ press/email…...

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