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The purpose of this survey is to understand how often teenagers snack and why teens select certain type of snacks. This survey will have ten questions about how teenagers snack and will be asked to teenagers that are in the ages 15-18.
Q1. How often do you purchase a healthy snack (fruits, vegetables, smoothies, dried fruit, etc.)? | Once a day | | Several times a week | | Once every two week | | | | | |
Q2. Do you feel that you should be eating more healthy foods and snacks? | Yes | | Maybe | | No | |
Q3. Do you have trouble stop eating when you snack? | Yes | | No | | |
Q4. Do you bring a snack from home or do you buy a snack? (ex. in school) | Take | | Buy | |
Q5. Do you feel guilty after eating junk food? | Yes | | No | | |
Q6. Do you find yourself eating more when you are anxious, upset, angry or bored? | Yes | | Sometimes | | No | | | |
Q7. Do you eat breakfast? | | Yes | | | Sometimes | | | No |
Q8. What time of the day you snack the most? | Between breakfast and lunch | | Between lunch and dinner | | Night | |
Q9. When purchasing food products, how much does the health aspect of the product matter to you? | Strongly | | Sometimes | | Not at all | | |

Q10. When I eat a snack… | … I eat less at mealtimes | | … it makes no difference in what else I eat that day | | |

Q11. I snack… | | 1-3 times a day | | | 3-5 times a day | | | |

In the Healthy Snack Survey:
4 out of 5 people said that they purchase a healthy snack several times a week.
4 out of 5 people said that they should be eating more healthy foods and snacks.
3 out of 5 people said that they have trouble stop eating when they snack.
3 out of 5 people said that they buy a snack.
3 out of 5 people…...

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