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Briefly describe the organization you selected (in one(1) paragraph).

The organization I will reference for this assignment is Brookwood Medical Center, which I served in the capacity of Reimbursement Manager for the business office. Brookwood Medical Center is a 631-bed full service medical facility. More than 900 privately practicing physicians treat and refer patients to Brookwood. Over 200 physicians practice in offices located in one of the four professional office buildings connected to the hospital. In addition to the physicians, a workforce of over 2,500 employees and volunteer staff support the medical center. Brookwood is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and is licensed by the Alabama State Department of Health. They are a full-service medical facility offering cancer and oncology services, cardiovascular services, cyber knife, digestive/gastro treatment, mental health services, robotic surgery, wound care, high – risk pregnancy care, and one of the most comprehensive women’s care centers in the state.

Discuss the specific challenges in managing the relationships between human resources,

executive management, and other organizational departments within the organization you chose.

There are many challenges in managing the relationships between human resources, executive management, and organizational departments. The corporate vision and mission statements as well as executives stand behind HR and have the belief that people are their most important asset. HR associates are viewed as trusted confidants who add value to the company. Executives believe that HR staff do a great job working as a partner and going forward expect them to expand their skill with a much deeper understanding of the business. Yet, many HR staff members feel that they lack impact and influence within the…...

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