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The Real Reason People Won’t Change
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In examination the big assumption when you think positive assumption positive and correct assumption comes to your mind. We can make better decision by examining assumptions .first of all we have consider manager and chief executive officer (CEO) decision skill, this is important how they make a decision if make the decision based on the correct assumptions can be difference between success and failure. In questioning the big assumption we have several steps which is more help people to make a better assumption that include the:
Step 1: notice and record current behavior: in this step we are going to help employees not because of changing their mind or behavior just give them more opportunity and become more aware of their actions in relation to their big assumptions. Step 2: look for contrary evidence: this step of assumption is about the experience if the employees have an experience it’s easy for them to understand because big assumptions are held as fact.
Step 3: explore the history: this step guide people accompanied them to their current job and positions. Also leads them to achieve to earlier life experience.
Step 4: test assumption: in this step we have to test assumption how effective to the employees .first we have to see employees change in their thinking or not .this test going to help us that we make sure who more significant about the assumption .
Step 5: evaluate result: if employees understand each step, in this step they can evaluate them how they can make a right and big assumption that help them to make a good decision so they don’t need to be change in their job.
Uncovering your own immunity: manager are sensitive about change immunity employees and you are as a employees responsible and commitment about the people around you also you have to more significant because when you…...

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