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Personally I have little experience with guns. The only person that I am close to and owns a gun is my Cousin. In high school I took a hunter education class and I learned the proper techniques to using specific weapons. Even though I've never been hunting I have a hunting license. The experience I have had with guns hasn't been good nor bad so it shouldn't influence my view.
The most important part is to protect innocent people. The guns are not the problem, we are the problem. Removing guns completely would not solve anything. People would just find other ways to commit crimes and/or kill innocent people. "Mental Health" is used and an "excuse" for gun violence. More people who are perfectly "sane" commit crimes than people with "Mental Health" issues. The only way the violence can stop is if we change ourselves first. The fact that video games make it fun to kill hundreds of people is the problem.
A compromise can be made. The first thing should be universal background checks. This should have been implemented years ago. This will lower the number of people who shouldn't have a gun from owning one. The banishment of military style weapons should be the next. These types of weapons are made to kill large amounts of people as fast as possible. These weapons are not for sport or protection and should be banned. Schools should also be given the option to have more armed guards in schools. This may not solve all the problems but it’s a good…...

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...workplace and their relationship with workplace violence. Author Dana Loomis, PhD, discusses how firearms end up at workplaces, and then assesses a host of opportunities to prevent any ensuing problems. His recommendations provide solid ideas on how organizations can avoid becoming victims of workplace violence, and how to implement recommended solutions. His discussion helps security practitioners think in a more informed way about firearms in the workplace and ways to prevent violence. CRISP reports are based on the Problem Oriented Policing (POP) Guides produced by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) of the U.S. Department of Justice, which can be accessed at While that series summarizes knowledge about how police can reduce the harm caused by specific crime and disorder problems, the CRISP series focuses on specific problems facing security professionals. Martin Gill Chair, Research Council ASIS International Foundation, Inc. Copyright © 2008 ASIS International ISBN-13: 978-1887056-87-8 All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to individual users to download this document for their own personal use, with acknowledgement of ASIS International as the source. However, this document may not be downloaded for further copying or reproduction, nor may it be sold, offered for sale, or otherwise used commercially. Printed in the United States of America Preventing Gun Violence in the Workplace By Dana......

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