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Future Growth Paper



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This is a business plan. It does not imply an offering of securities. 1.0 Executive Summary 1
1.1 Objectives 1
1.2 Mission 2
1.3 Keys to Success 2
2.0 Company Summary 2
2.1 Company Ownership 2
2.2 Start-up Summary 2
Table: Start-up 3
3.0 Products 3
4.0 Market Analysis Summary 3
4.1 Market Segmentation 4
4.2 Target Market Segment Strategy 4
4.3 Industry Analysis 5
4.4 Globalization 6
5.0 Management Team Summary 6

References 1
Appendix A 2 1.0 Executive Summary
Organic Mystique is an e-commerce business located in Sacramento, CA. This web-based business will sell organic products of various types. The purpose of this plan is to gain interest of the company by consumers. The Concept Recognizing the organic market is on the rise, Organic Mystique will become the e-commerce market leader in sales and marketing of organic products to those who want to help the environment. We have four keys to success. First, providing top-notch customer service to all who shop on our website. The second key is to appeal to those with environmental…...

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