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Examination Number: 1842
Examination Number: 1842

Advice Letter.

Matter: Liability for leaving keys in the ignition.
Examination number: 1842
Professor: Hether Macfarlane
Class: LL.M. Legal Research, Writing & Analysis

Advice Letter.

Matter: Liability for leaving keys in the ignition.
Examination number: 1842
Professor: Hether Macfarlane
Class: LL.M. Legal Research, Writing & Analysis

Spring Semester, 2015
Deadline: before 18:00pm on April 19
Number 1842.
Spring Semester, 2015
Deadline: before 18:00pm on April 19
Number 1842.

John Snow Law firm. 101 J Street Sacramento, California, 95817 April 17, 2015

Mr. Adam Ewing
1629 Chatham Street
Sacramento, CA 95817

RE: Move It Now´s duty of care.
Dear Mr. Ewing, During our conversation last week, you asked me to research whether you would be able to successfully sue Move It Now, Inc. and its owners because of the injuries you received when your car was struck by a truck owned by Move It Now and that had been stolen from Move It
Now´s lot.

My opinion is based on the following facts: The Cavendishes own Move it Now, a franchise located in an area zoned for commercial use in Sacramento. The building has an office and besides it there is a large parking lot for the trucks. In the first stage of the business, the trucks were locked, but after a fire occurred, the firefighters commented to the Cavendishes “that it would have been nice to be able to move those trucks.” Since that incident occurred, they leave the keys in the ignition of the trucks. All those trucks are automatic…...

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