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Critical Thinking Assignments

Chapter 7

1. What If . . . Lobbying were abolished? (Page 220) If lobbying were abolished, then I believe that some people would be happy by this. Lobbying is not favorable to most people because they don’t seek out the best interest of all. Lobbyists tend to represent special interests more often than the interest of the average American. Lobbying being abolished would save a lot of money and would free up funds in corporate America. This would also force businesses to spend this money on advertising and media relations in order to get or persuade people to vote for the candidate they feel would most benefit them. Although some see lobbying as a bad thing, it could help out if all people were represented and not just the ones with the most cash.

Chapter 8

1. What If . . . Parties Were Supported Solely by Public Funding? (Page 250) It would be hard to determine what level of funding would be appropriate because both major parties spend millions on campaigning and other activities to support the election. If the amount of funding was reduced then the campaigning might not be as effective. This would also help make the nonparty groups be more important. One of the main problems with this method is that the public funding will be provided by the taxpayers’ dollars. This could also make public funding available to all political parties and not just the major two. This could result in dozens of political parties which would make them more important as mentioned earlier.

Chapter 18

1. What if ... Former Texas Lawmakers were banned from lobbying? (Page 592) I believe this would be a good decision if former Texas lawmakers were banned from becoming lobbyist. This is in no way far at all. They once were the ones making the laws so they have experience and knowledge that the other lobbyist might not have.…...

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