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In the world today nothing is more confusing than choosing for your education. Considering, there are different ways to access a higher education, it is clear to see that understanding your options of traditional and online programs can certainly help you decide which method best meets your needs and individual situation. In Fact, looking at the benefits each option offers can guide you in making a responsible educational decision on which program is right for you. Even though obtaining a traditional education can be beneficial and similar to online education, the flexibility, environment, and length of class makes online a better decision.

Looking further within the variables of flexibility, traditional education is considered to be very structured. The classes are set for specific times and days of the week without change. Undoubtedly, this can be very helpful when scheduling your everyday activities or goals. In addition, you know when you have to attend classes. In fact, attendance is a requirement; to receive an adequate lecture of course materials and information you need to be there to receive the appropriate knowledge to pass the class. Of course, disciplining yourself with your attendance, travel time to school, and organization of your life and education will guide you on a path to achieve a good traditional education. However, if a strict schedule through traditional education is more demanding of you, and you would prefer having a more flexible schedule, the convenience of online education would be the way to go. In fact, all class materials are obtainable online 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Therefore, students can access any reading materials, discussions, explanations, and comments whenever they need to. Moreover, from anywhere across the globe that has Internet access can students attend class any time. Therefore, students can attend to personal…...

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...mentor who fails a student will inevitably be scrutinised by the examination board and therefore an accurate, clear and well-evidenced report is essential. Support from lecturing staff who are familiar with the process of writing up the clinical assessment was seen as vital by participants in the study in order that a ‘watertight’ report could be written. Another way in which lecturers provided support was being present at the final meeting of the mentor and the student. It was evident from participants in the study that this tripartite arrangement was not established in each programme. Where procedure indicated that the lecturer be present at the final assessment this was seen as supportive, as this mentor points out: ‘But the tutor was quite good, coming in as well, you know… I just remember feeling very uncomfortable and as I say, it was nice to have some support’. (Participant 4M) Not all universities appeared to have protocols that included the link lecturer’s presence at the final assessment, as one of the lecturer’s comments: ‘…if it’s a fail, and there’s very few I’ve got to say, then we would expect to be aware previously and I would expect each link person to go out for the final assessment. But, we haven't got a, got anything written that that’s the case’. (Participant 23L) As indicated in Chapter 1 the literature has advocated for some time that lecturers should have a shared role with mentors in the clinical assessment of students (Clifford 1994, May et al 1997,......

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Good’s performance in either a good or bad way. McDonald’s can be referred to the most successful restaurant chain in the restaurant and food industry especially with the number of franchises it has all around the world. First of all, smart companies are looking at many ways to harness technological factors to perfectly improve operations management. There are bunch of significant strategies where they can promote the goods and service to make production easier and more responsive to the public consumption. It’s no surprise that businesses of all shapes and sizes are bringing in technology to bolster sales (Robbins 2012). These advances have made an impact everywhere, and one of the places we’re seeing more and more technology is in the food and restaurant industry. The restaurants must have consistent touch points in order to attract an attention of the customers, in other ways its look and feel to communicate with the customer at different points of the journey and direction, from digital marketing, to people sitting at home and potential customers walking by a restaurant. Innovative technologies are exist as a service restaurant brands, with many concepts and background to employing digital menu boards such as how they ordering the goods and how they give a feedback of their services, the strategy and location of production, iPads at the table, and other ways of letting customers tap into technology while they are ordering the type of good and service. Some......

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