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December 25th.2012: 2:00pm (forgot exact time ==) Perhaps my very writing of this journal is indeed insignificant or pathetic, but I’ve decided after all this time to begin writing something meaningful. Of course, the whole objective of this self-reflection is to simply reinforce my own feelings regarding some of the experiences in this past. Most importantly, there will not be any editing for spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes, for I want this journal to be a continuously flowing train of thoughts, or stream of consciousness as they call it in IB English, not some SAT writing or contents full of bullshit. This journal, although written on the day of Christmas, serves no particularly meaningful celebration of a particular event, and is simply inspired by a moment of epiphany upon reading the novel “The Wars” by Timothy Findley. Like I’ve said before, it is but a truthful reflection and self discovery that serve to preserve a state of experience or emotions in my infinitivally miniscule cycle of life that seemed nonetheless to be quite meaningless. Truth be told, I could probably continue writing like this for hours, if not days. (Days was an exaggeration by the way, for I will probably be playing a round of league of legends before then, and did I say I just lost a ranked game this morning too?...) But it’s quite strange, normally I’d be angry at the fact that I’ve lost a game that dropped my elo by 37, but really, does it even matter at all? To some extent, I have to agree that I was feeling exceptionally existential this morning. Although I know very well that suicide itself is probably something I should not engage with, I think that the recent experiences have enlightened me to another degree, though the result associates with some level of self depression. Of course, it’s not like I’m some grand magician in a fantasy land or even the CEO of a…...

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