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Utilizing and Developing Layout Strategies
Operations Management

Abstract This paper examines the effects that a winning layout strategy can have on a firm in gaining a competitive advantage. I will first identify the seven types of layout strategies, and point out the purpose and importance of each layout strategy and touch upon the advantages and disadvantages of each. I will discuss considerations for each layout design along with the reasons to use each particular layout. I will cite four existing real-life examples of each using a different layout strategy to attain an advantage. I cite the example of how BMW is using an assembly line customization to improve profitability, the office layout trends of today to reduce costs and improve employee productivity, the recent trend in the hotel industry to redesign their lobby layout to increase revenue, and the Skecher’s warehousing layout strategy to reduce handling costs. Finally, I will conclude that an outstanding and effective layout strategy will give a firm a competitive advantage.

Layout strategy is a critical part of an operations manager’s strategy decision. In this paper, I will identify and define the different types of layout, explain how to attain a good layout to have a productive process and how to balance production or service flow in many various service or product oriented industries.
The proper strategic importances of layout decisions, the types of layout, layout design considerations and superior layouts to consider are points that I will discuss. There are many variables of layout that contain wide ranges of considerations in determining an optimal layout. There are engineering quality standards and budgetary decisions to consider when modernizing layout, improving safety, energy efficiency as well as reducing environmental impacts.
The purpose and strategic importance of a layout…...

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