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1. The Stock market index of London Stock Market is referred as _____ (A) Sensex (B) Footsie (FTSE) (C) NIFTY (D) Bullish (E) None of these Ans (B)

2. As we all know Ministry of Finance every year prepare Union Budget and present it to the parliament . Which of the following is / are the elements of the Union Budget ? (1) Estimates of revenue and capital receipts. (2) Ways and MeAns to raise the revenue. (3) Estimates of expenditure. (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1,2 & 3 (E) None of these Ans (D)

3. Which of the following is NOT used as raw material for production of nuclear power? (A) Uranium (B) Barylium (C) Zirconium (D) Sodium (E) All these are used Ans (A)

4. Very often we read in newspapers that some sports persons have to go for a Dope Test after their performance in the field. Why Dope Test is conducted ? (1) To know the general health of the sports person (2) To know the sugar level of their blood (3) To detect whether they have taken any performance inhancing drugs (A) Only 1 (B) Only 2 (C) Only 3 (D) All 1 , 2 & 3 (E) None of these Ans (B)

5. 18. Santosh Trophy is associated with the game of ____ (A) Cricket (B) Badminton (C) Tennis (D) Chess (E) None of these Ans (E) Santosh Trophy is associated with the game of Football.

6. Federal Reserve is the Financial Organization of the ___ (A) USA (B) Britain (C) France (D) Japan (E) Germany Ans (A)

7. The Reserve Bank of India keeps on changing various ratio/rates frequently. Why this is done? (1) To keep inflation under control (2) To ensure that Indian Rupee does not loose its market value…...

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...transactions too.On the other hand, there are some problems in the credit card market too.Firstly, majority of the cards being used by customers are debit cards whichmeans Alpen has to convince and make special efforts to make use credit cardstoo. People use cards generally for withdrawing cash rather than for buyingproducts or services so there is less revenue driven from transactions. Evenmerchants are still ignorant in accepting credit cards and prefer paymentsthrough cash.These all points show that Alpen has an opportunity to cash on the credit cardbut it would require efforts especially in marketing the card and making peoplerealize the utility and purposefulness of the card. This would also cost them inthe beginning as customers need awareness but as the market would grow it will become a profitable business. More specialized people will be required whohave the knowledge about credit cards operations and how to handle themproperly. Marketing and RnD departments would require effectiveimplementation of marketing techniques and research respectively to makecredit card a big success. This would enhance their customer base as comparedto core banking....

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...measured based on the relationship between the levels of financial awareness among Islamic Banking students UiTMKotaBharu. Therefore, the needs of awareness on financial planning is vital due to the fact that it will determine on whether the students will have a burden in terms of debt in the future. 1.2 Problem statement Although the Islamic Banking students UiTM Kota Bharu learn the subject regarding the financial but the students still have a low awareness regarding financial planning. On top of that, without having an effective financial planning program, theIslamic Banking students UiTM Kota Bharu will be facing a financial burden in which they will confront in the future. For instance, high level debt, blacklist from the bank, and subsequently, they will undergoes difficulty to borrow a loan from the bank in which to purchase an asset or property. 1.3 Research Objective 1) To find the relationship between the knowledge in personal finance (budgeting capabilities) towards level of awareness in financial planning among Islamic Banking students UiTMKotaBharu. 2) To find the relationship between lifestyle of students (based on spending) towards level of awareness in financial planning among Islamic Banking students UiTMKotaBharu. 3) To find the relationship between studentsbackground in personal finance (based on parent’s profile/ income) towards level of awareness in financial planning among Islamic Banking students......

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...because of how he did it. Harold Lloyd made us laugh as much, Charlie Chaplin moved us more deeply, but no one had more courage than Buster. I define courage as Hemingway did: "Grace under pressure." In films that combined comedy with extraordinary physical risks, Buster Keaton played a brave spirit who took the universe on its own terms, and gave no quarter. I'm immersed in his career right now, viewing all of the silent features and many of the shorts with students at the University of Chicago. Having already written about Keaton's "The General" (1927) in this series, I thought to choose another title. "The Navigator," perhaps, or "Steamboat Bill, Jr.," or "Our Hospitality." But they are all of a piece; in an extraordinary period from 1920 to 1929, he worked without interruption on a series of films that make him, arguably, the greatest actor-director in the history of the movies. Most of these movies were long thought to be lost. "The General," with Buster as a train engineer in the Civil War, was always available, hailed as one of the supreme masterpieces of silent filmmaking. But other features and shorts existed in shabby, incomplete prints, if at all, and it was only in the 1960s that film historians began to assemble and restore Keaton's lifework. Now almost everything has been recovered, restored, and is available on DVDs and tapes that range from watchable to sparkling. It's said that Chaplin wanted you to like him, but Keaton didn't care. I think he cared, but was......

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...General Awareness Dec’2013 * East Timor film ‘Beatriz’s War’ bagged Golden Peacock award for Best Film at 44th International Film Festival of India. * World AIDS Day was observed on 1 December 2013 across the globe to raise awareness about the HIV/ AIDS. * Tripura on 30 November 2013 introduced for the first time in the country PVC Electoral Photo Identity Card as mandated by Election Commission of India. * India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft successfully placed in Mars transfer trajectory on 1 December 2013 by ISRO scientists. * Indian shuttler PV Sindhu on 1 December 2013 won the Women's Singles trophy at the Macau Open Grand Prix Gold Badminton Tournament. * International Day for Abolition of Slavery was observed on 2 December 2013 across the world to create awareness about abolition of slavery. * Paul Walker, the star of the "Fast & Furious" movie series, died in a car accident in Southern California, US on 30 November 2013. * An Egyptian constitutional panel on 1 December 2013 approved a new draft constitution for Egypt. * China on 2 December 2013 successfully sent an unmanned lunar probe with a robotic rover to soft land on the Moon, and to explore moon’s surface. * India cricket team has retained its top position in the latest ICC ODI rankings and second position in the Test cricket rankings. * President of India Pranab Mukharjee on 1 December 2013 inaugurated the Nagaland's traditional Hornbill Festival in Nagaland *......

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...THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY BAHCESEHIR UNIVERSITY THE GRADUATE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES IMPACT OF BRAND AWARENESS ON CONSUMER LOYALTY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROJECT Burç ÖRETMEN İSTANBUL, 2014 THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY BAHCESEHIR UNIVERSITY THE GRADUATE OF SOCIAL SCIENCES IMPACT OF BRAND AWARENESS ON CONSUMER LOYALTY MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION PROJECT Burç ÖRETMEN Project Supervisor: Asst. Prof. Dr. Özgür ÇENGEL İSTANBUL, AUGUST 2014 THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY BAHCESEHIR UNIVERSITY THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES IMPACT OF BRAND AWARENESS ON CONSUMER LOYALTY This project has been found adequate and successful in terms of quantity and quality as a Graduation Project. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ Advisor of the Project Member of the Commission Asst. Prof. Dr. Özgür ÇENGEL Asst. Prof. Dr. Sinem ERGÜN ABSTRACT IMPACT OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR ON CONSUMER LOYALTY Burç Öretmen Institute of Social Sciences Weekend MBA August 2014, 48 Pages Nowadays, the competition between companies has reached the highest level. Therefore, companies are having difficulties in terms of both production and......

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...Banking Awareness Study Material Shared by Rajesh Kumar and Bhavya Vadudevan your A to Z competitive exam guide Page 1 Banking Awareness Study Material - powered by Indian Banking Structure a) b) c) d) e) Central Bank (RBI) Specialised Banks Commercial Banks Development Banks Co-operative Banks Specialised Banks: NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development. This bank is meant for financing the agriculture as well as rural sector. It actually promotes research in agriculture and rural development. EXIM Bank: Export Import Bank of India. This bank gives loans to exporters and importers and also provides valuable information about the international market. If you want to set up a business for exporting products abroad or importing products from foreign countries for sale in our country, EXIM bank can provide you the required support and assistance. SIDBI: Small Industries Development Bank of India. This bank provides loans to set up the smallscale business unit / industry. SIDBI also finances, promotes and develops small-scale industries whereas IDBI (Industrial Development Bank of India) gives loans to big industries. Gr Commercial Banks: Normal banks are known as commercial banks, their main function is to accept deposits from the customer and on the basis of that they grant loans. (Loans could be short-term, mediumterm and long-term loans.) Commercial banks are further classified into three......

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...Anxiety Awareness among IIUM Students English for Academic Writing LE 4000 Section 37 Date: 5th December 2014 Abstract Anxiety refers to the unnecessary unpleasant feeling of dread over current or future events that might or might not happen. People with anxiety usually have a sense of worry, fear or muscle tension. The purpose of this study aims to investigate the level of awareness of anxiety among IIUM students. The objectives were to indicate whether the students are aware of social anxiety that might be suffered by them and the most common factor that contributes to feeling anxious. Questionnaires were distributed to thirty randomly selected individuals in IIUM. Paper-based questionnaire was used and the results were interpreted in visual graphs form. The results indicated that the most common factor that leads to anxiety is due to fear of negative evaluation from others. Meanwhile, easily tired and having problem in concentrating and remembering things were the main symptoms that a student might have anxiety. It can be concluded that, most students are afraid about being judged and evaluated negatively by others. They also feel easily tired resulting in them having problem in concentrating and remembering things especially during presentation. This study may have the implication that students, especially the lower level students need to be aware of their level of anxiety by knowing the factors and being able to avoid the symptoms that bring anxiety found in......

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...Research paper on Awareness of Life Insurance In Yeoor Gaon Submitted By Finance- I Roll No: 010103 For the degree of Master of Business Administration Under the guidance of Academic year 2010-2012 Table of Content | Topics | Page no | 1 | Executive Summary | 3 | 2 | Introduction | 4 | 3 | Objectives | 6 | 4 | Literature Review | 7 | 5 | Research Methodology | 9 | 6 | Research Outcome | 10 | 7 | Conclusion | 11 | 8 | References | 12 | 9 | Annexure-Questionnaire | 13 | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The service industry is one the fastest growing sectors in India today. The upcoming sectors which are really showing the graph towards upwards are - Telecom, Banking, and Insurance. These, Sectors have really a lot of responsibility towards the economy. Amongst the above-mentioned areas insurance is one sector, which took a lot of time in positioning itself. The insurance business of non-life insurance companies was not much in problems but the major problem was with life insurance. Life Insurance Corporation, of India had monopoly for more than 45 years, but the picture then was completely different. Previously people felt that “Insurance is only for classes not for masses” but now the picture is vice-versa. This research paper title named “Awareness of Life Insurance Policies is in context of Life Insurance Corporation and its significant presence in the life insurance industry” details, the scope Life Insurance Corporation for which......

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General superior financial plan. What formulates Bell’s apparition for the city a truly thrilling one is the manner in which he incorporates inventive technology as the basis of his reaction to those issues. Bell calls for more proficient techniques of fitting the roads and distributing information with the entire Houstonians. He advocates for the significance of a strong community transit scheme. Bill King operated as an administration associate in a law firm that embodies the local administration, where he learned how units like the City of Houston controls its finances. He addresses the dismal state of the city’s finances and provides procedures that could be used to correct the predicaments such as zero-based financing. King requests for awareness to the public safety and suggests the development of an autonomous body to review HPD’s procedures. King also addresses the exigency with which the water systems, roadways along with waste in the city need to be fixed. Ben Hall began his profession in Houston politics by working as a City Attorney under Mayor Lanier’s government; his stage first tackles our collapsing infrastructure. Thus, this prompts his assurance to grant novel technology as well as an extreme amount of work to remediate. Hall addresses the city’s retirement fund scheme as indefensible and deserving of instantaneous action, although his precise plan to tackle the issue is indistinct. Hall calls for a dwindling in illegal activity and promises to endorse improved......

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...while the body fights the infection. Ones the person is infected with the virus, they will not be infected again. The cause of Hepatitis A is a single stranded RNA virus from the family picornaviridae and genus hepatuvirus. This virus only affects human. Hepatitis-A is most commonly spread by eating, drinking or using utensils that has been contaminated with the stool of a person infected. This type of transmission is called “fecal-oral” transmission. For this reason, the virus is more easily spread in areas where there is poor sanitary condition or where good personal hygiene is not observed. According to the staff nurses interviewed at the Bontoc General Hospital, there are few cases which have been confirmed to have this disease. They believe that the common acquisition of the disease of the patients of Bontoc General Hospital is through ingestion of contaminated food and drinks by a person with Hepatitis-A. The disease affects merely over 30 countries worldwide (Williams and Wilkins, 2004), so that the people should be more knowledgeable about the disease as to its prevention, transmission and treatment. A common perception circulating among average individuals is that Hepatitis A is acquired through the ingestion of unsafe foods sold by sidewalk vendors. Sidewalk vendor means a person who offers goods or services to the public from a location within a public right-of- way without the use of motor vehicle. This definition does not include a person who offers......

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