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Company description

General Electric Co. is a technology and financial services company that develops and manufactures products for the generation, transmission, distribution, control and utilization of electricity. Its products and services include aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, security technology, medical imaging, business and consumer financing, media content and industrial products. The company operates through eight segments: Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Energy Management, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, Appliances & Lighting and GE Capital. The Power & Water segment serves power generation, industrial, government and other customers worldwide with products and services related to energy production. The Oil & Gas segment supplies mission critical equipment for the global oil and gas industry, used in applications spanning the entire value chain from drilling and completion through production, liquefied natural gas and pipeline compression, pipeline inspection, and downstream processing in refineries and petrochemical plants. The Energy Management segment designs technology solutions for the delivery, management, conversion and optimization of electrical power for customers across multiple energy-intensive industries. The Aviation segment products and services include jet engines, aerospace systems and equipment, replacement parts and repair and maintenance services for all categories of commercial aircraft; for a wide variety of military aircraft, including fighters, bombers, tankers and helicopters; for marine applications; and for executive and regional aircraft. The Healthcare segment products include diagnostic imaging systems such as magnetic resonance, computed tomography and positron emission Tomography scanners, X-ray, nuclear imaging, digital mammography and molecular imaging technologies. The Transportation…...

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...change? What incentives to maintain the past? 2. What do you think of the broad objectives Immelt has set for GE? Can a giant global Conglomerate hope to outperform the overall market growth? Can size and diversity be made an asset rather than a liability? 3. What is your evaluation of the growth strategy (a strategy for a giant global conglomerate with a portfolio of mature industrial businesses) Immelt has articulated? Is he betting on the right things to drive growth? 4. How does this case illustrate how strategic intent needs to be matched by both organizational capability and managerial competence; and show how such assets were developed? 5. Examine how broad strategic objectives can be translated into a program of implement able actions. 6. Demonstrate how Immelt’s strategy went beyond optimization to innovation. 7. Show how this new strategy focused on customers. 8. Analyzes how this new strategy emphased services. Was enough done to balance the portfolio of products and services? 9. After 4 ½ years, did Immelt succeed in his objectives? How well is he implementing his strategy? What are his greatest achievements? What is most worrying to you? 10. Beyond this case: We have the benefit of being 4 years beyond this case. What has happened to GE in that timeframe? How has it changed its strategy? It is currently having trouble with GE Capital and outstanding loans and is divesting itself of NBC to Comcast. What do these situations say about......

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...Centricity, a GE Medical Systems (GEMS) software program, is the system purchased by the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University for an electronic medical record. By implementing this system, the East Carolina University Physicians group expects to: • Initiate and maintain an updated problem, medicine and allergy list for each patient. • Increase availability of the medical record to multiple users. • Enhance provider documentation. • Establish a database for improved case management and research. • Reduce cost of providing care. The electronic medical record provides a continuous record for outpatient care services provided by all disciplines. This patient care record is utilized by all disciplines for the review and input of ongoing patient data and information. The paper record continues to be used in tandem with the electronic record until such time when all documents are available electronically. The paper chart is maintained with any forms requiring patient signature and any documents from other providers. All clinical sites in the SOM can access patient data recorded in the electronic record as a supplement to the paper chart until all sites come live on Centricity. Medical Records continues to handle chart requests and requests for the release of any records. IDX serves as the practice management and billing system for the practice. All appointments are made and registration/demographic information is entered into IDX and imported into......

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...STRENGTHS Global recognition: General Electric has ventured into the world market thus gaining global recognition for its unique goods and services. In the year 2009, Forbes magazine ranked GE as the world's largest company. Hurbert (2007) notes that General Electric's brand is the world's most recognized brand. This kind of recognition has given it a competitive edge over other companies due to its ability to attract more customers. Global strength and competitiveness:The Company’s products have been recognized for their quality and the company is known for meeting customer-specific needs (General Electric, 2009). As a result, it has attracted numerous clients including corporations and government agencies and its competitive position is quite favorable. GE is the biggest lender in many of the countries where it invests with exception of the United States (Hurbert, 2007). Its power generation equipment generates a quarter of the world's electricity everyday. Excellent Management: GE utilizes a unique management style, whereby business operations are divided into business units. Each business unit plays a distinct role within the company and has its own independent management. Examples include GE Commercial Finance, GE Equipment Services, GE Energy, GE Insurance, and GE Consumer Finance among others. This kind of management style increases productivity due to the high level of accountability and efficiency that business unit managers are expected to......

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...Executive Summary During February 12 of this year the wholly owned subsidiaries GE, GESC, and GECC will be merged together. Part of it was the manufacturing actual physical business the other was the subsidiaries and the next was the financial services GE Capital. The merger of GE and affiliates is not reflected in his financial analysis as of February 12, 2012. This is a statistical analysis on GE. GE has different parts of the company, which use different terms. Not to be confused GE, GESC, and GECC are different sectors of general electric. Their consolidated financial statements help to better accurately comply with the different financial and accounting methods to give a precise perspective on the entire company. GE is the most common use term and the one that were most familiar with. GESC is the financial services department that looks like a bank; and, GECC is just a term used for subsidiaries across the world. Stakeholder Analysis GE has experienced significant growth in the stock price from the low teens to the upper 20s. However the historic high is 39.50 and is down roughly 54% from five years ago before the 2008 financial crisis. (Morning Star, 26) The dividend yield is currently $.68 worth 3% of the stock, which is extremely high indicating that this is cash cow and the stock is not going to growth nearly as much as it is in the early growth years. GE currently has more than 300,000 employees and over 120 countries in the world. Main......

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...and operations influence and determine the organizational structures. According to “GE understands your needs for a reliable and knowledgeable team of financing and industry experts who know your business, your industry, your assets and the importance of responding to opportunities.” Therefore marketing finance, human resources and operations does influence and determine the organizational structure of GE because without these important sources the business would not be able to stand. Marketing finance isn’t the only finance GE has for example GE has corporate, equipment, retail and aviation finance just to name a few to better serve their customer needs. According to GE has a (HRLP), Human Resource Leadership Program. This program “prepares high potential individuals for GE leadership role in human resources. Without this type of program GE would not be as successful as it is right now. By GE having an experienced well trained human resource they understand that there are a lot of competitors demanding the same standard. Operations are what keeps GE running so therefore it’s important that GE maintain the training to ensure operations continue to run smoothly. GE has several types of operation training to include operation management, Global training, Automation training, just to name a few. In order to stay on top GE understands how marketing finance, human resources and operations can play a vital role on the influence of......

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...dikenal dengan nama GE. Di Indonesia sendiri GE mulai merambah masuk pada tahun 1940an. Sampai dengan saat ini GE sudah menjadi bagian dari hidup jutaan warga Indonesia dengan product dan jasanya, antara lain seperti lokomotif kereta api, barang-barang elekronik rumah tangga, lampu sampai dengan pelayanan finansial perorangan. Ditahun 1970-an GE merintis berbagai kerjasama dibidang teknologi dan bisnis dengan berbagai institusi di Indonesia dan sejak itu kehadiran GE tumbuh berkembang dengan dibentuknya PT. GE Finance Indonesia, PT. GE Lighting Indonesia kemudian PT. GE Technology Indonesia yang kemudian melahirkan PT. GE Nusantara Turbine Service. Di era tahun 2000an perkembangan bisnis GE di Indonesia semakin berkembang dengan cepat. Diawal perkembangannya, GE Indonesia memusatkan industrinya hanya di Jakarta saja. Namun di pertengahan tahun 2010, Management GE merubah strategy perusahaannya dengan melakukan perluasan peranan GE ke wilayah-wilayah provincial di Indonesia. Hal ini sesuai juga dengan tantangan yang diberikan oleh Management GE Pusat di Amerika kepada Management GE di Indonesia pada pertengahan tahun 2009 untuk menemukan dan menciptakan terobosan-terobosan baru yang dapat memperkuat peranan General Electric di Indonesia. Kesuksesan GE Indonesia didalam melakukan perluasan usaha atau bisnisnya ke wilayah-wilayah provincial Indonesia tidak lepas dari sosok seseorang yang bernama Handry Satriago. Saat ini beliau memegang pucuk pimpinan tertinggi (CEO) GE......

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...INTRODUCTION GE is an American Multinational corporation established in 1892 by the amalgamation of Thomas Alva Edison’s Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company .GE at present operates at the same time in five varied business segment namely: Media (as NBC Universal in cable and film), Energy (e.g. oil and gas), Infrastructure (e.g. Aviation and Healthcare), Home and Business Solutions(Appliances platforms) and Finance ( as GE Capital commercial and consumer finance). GE now has businesses in about 160 countries and approx. 300,000 human resources worldwide. The company’s head office is situated at Connecticut, USA. General Electric is one of the world’s leading diversified business firm widely known for its high quality, advance and technical expertise, leadership, and brand name. Under Welch’s (CEO of the company) leadership, it has undergone enormous reorganization efforts (i.e. divestitures, acquisition, influential GE’s culture) – the support for its accomplishment today. As a international corporation GE has had a contentious history with view to air and water pollution late 1940s and had forever been a goal of condemnation from public officer and conservationist in the US. Nevertheless, things recovered when on the 9th of May, 2005 GE’s CEO Jeffery Immelt proclaimed the company’s new ecological initiative called ‘Ecomagination’. As can be pragmatic, the acceptance of such an proposal was bold particularly given the large dimension of GE and it......

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...component of the [[Dow Jones Industrial Average]] | |- | |1905 | |The Electric Bond and Share Co., the forerunner of [[GE Commercial Finance]] is formed, with the goal of providing financing to small utility companies<ref name="ge_flash_history">[ General Electric official history]</ref> | |- | |1911 | |National Electric Lamp Company (NELA) is absorbed into General Electric's existing lighting business and GE establishes its lighting division headquarters at [[Nela Park]], the world's first industrial park, in [[East Cleveland, Ohio]] | |- | |1912 | |General Electric begins using [[phenolic resin]]s to mold plastic parts<ref name="ge_flash_history" /> | |- | |1913 | |[[Charles A. Coffin]] becomes the first Chairman of General Electric | |- | |1913 | |[[Edwin Rice]] becomes President, replacing Charles A. Coffin | |- | |1919 | |[[Radio Corporation of America]] (RCA) formed by General Electric and [[AT&T|American Telephone & Telegraph]] | |- | |1922 | |[[Owen Young]] becomes Chairman, replacing Charles A. Coffin | |- | |1930 | |General Electric creates its [[GE Plastics|Plastics Department]] to research and produce advanced plastics<ref name="ge_flash_history" /> | |- | |1932 | |GE Credit Corporation, which evolves into [[GE Consumer Finance]], is founded to allow families to purchase General Electric appliances on credit<ref......

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...rightfully forced some changes in the deal structure. To win the approval from the French government, GE’s newest proposition involved setting up joint ventures in renewable energy, electricity grid equipment and nuclear power. In fact, the value of the stakes Alstom will own in the three joint ventures is estimated to be about €2.6bn which means that the net cash cost of the deal for GE is about €9.7bn. Moreover, the US and European regulators required the sell-off of part of the GE’s turbine business to the Italian Ansaldo Energia in order to keep the market competitive. Before GE got the “green light” from Paris, there was lot of competition between GE and the joint offer of Siemens and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the acquisition of Alstom, even though the board of Alstom favoured GE’s clear and simple offer. Moreover, GE promised to add about 1000 new jobs in France, where it has had large existing operations for decades. On the other hand, the government liked the fact that Mitsubishi-Siemens offer was based on forming a partnership and was not going to be a takeover. Finally, when GE modified its proposal, it won the war. About General Electric General Electric, headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut (US), is a multinational leading corporation with a highly diversified business. General Electric is a key player in the Transportation, Marine, Energy and Mining industries but it also has a solid presence in the Healthcare, Retail and Food & Beverage......

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... 1. Why GE Innovation Leadership & Training Global Business Integrity Citizenship SWOT Analysis 6- 14 16-38 2. Introduction of General Electrics History Acquisitions CEO Organization chart Corporate recognition and rankings Environmental record Principal Subsidiaries Principal Competitors Products and Services (Global) Products and Services (India) GE’s Evolution Towards Quality GE’s Commitment to Quality 3. Careers Opportunities 38-41 4 [Type text] [Type text] 4. HR Practices GE Code of Conduct Environment, Health & Safety 42-48 5. 6. 48-50 50-56 Working culture GE People Working environment Volunteerism Leadership and Learning Foundation Committee 7. 8. 9. Technology Financial performance Growth prospects (last 3-5 years of both company & industry) 56-61 62-63 64-69 10. Five Forces Model GE follows a six part growth process 69-71 11. 12. Financial Statement Ratio Analysis Self competency mapping for compatibility check Alternative carrier option Conclusion Bibliography 71-80 81-82 83-87 88 89 13. 14. 5 [Type text] [Type text] WHY GE? At GE, they are builders. They goes beyond businesses, brands and infrastructure. With four businesses and operations in over 160 countries, GE employees have an unparalleled foundation on which to build their careers, their abilities and their dreams. GE offer their employees challenging, rewarding careers in dynamic businesses. GE people are......

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...different cycles of learning: a) In the first cycle (from early 1980s to late 1980s) he focused GE on the elimination of variety in its portfolio of businesses by reducing the nonperforming businesses. He launched the “#1 or #2” approach. The central idea that guided GE’s business decisions was that those business areas that intended to compete in global markets must either be or become number-one or number-two in their market places. Those businesses that had no chance of attaining this goal were to be fixed, either sold or closed. During this stage almost 200 businesses were sold off and more than 370 acquisitions were achieved. The rationale behind managing the portfolio of businesses was to ensure that GE would make the best use of its capital for appropriate investments. To strengthen this measure, Welch eliminated the sector level, ensuring that all businesses reported directly to him, situation that would create more pressure and control on the businesses’ CEO to deliver results. b) In the second cycle (from late 1980s to mid-1990s), once GE had focused itself on targeted business areas, Welch focused the company on simplifying and eliminating non-value-added activities through creative efforts of teams using Work-Outs. This tool was used to assure quick decision-making based on the consideration and analysis of the ideas of all involved people from all levels. GE designed Work-Out based on the behavioral premise that those people who are closest to the work......

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...Running head: GE STRATEGIC ANALYSIS Strategic Analysis Every organization needs to have ways in which they can meet their objectives. This is needed to demonstrate to shareholders that they have a plan in which they will be using the capital resources that were provided to the firm in a profitable and ethical manner. This is most commonly done through strategic planning. Many firms devote a lot of time and effort into this initiative in order to prove, or demonstrate, to their shareholders that they are indeed using the injected capital wisely in efforts to generate a profitable return. One of the most popular organizations to undertake such an intense endeavor is General Electric (GE). Each year, GE utilizes a lot of resources in order to accomplish their strategic objectives. This examination will look at GE through a strategic lens while looking at their current practices. This author will then include a summary of the findings conducted through research, and also suggestions for improvement. Strategic Planning General Electric (GE) is an organization that has over 130 years of experience. It was started by the famed Thomas Edison. Since its inception GE, as a company, is now comprised of a diverse, global infrastructure which operates in many types of sectors. These sectors include; finance, media, energy and a wide range of other offerings. Each year the leaders of each of these particular division lines meet to discuss the outlook and strategy for the......

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...The Immelt Revolution Who is Jeff Immelt? • Joined GE Plastic in 1982 (MBA from Harvard University) • Various global leadership positions over year career in GE - GE Electronics, GE Medicals, International Marketing • Elected as CEO to begin tenure in September 2001 • Different personality from J. Welch - Easygoing, friendly, natural charisma (lead by example) cf. Jack Welch :Brash, Impetuous, abrasive, feisty (dictatorship) Jeff, breakthrough in the CEO Factory? CEO Process Implementation Long Term Planning CEO Candidacy Programme for an emergency, 1994 CEO Candidates 24 survived Management Development and Compensation Committee Appraisal on Personality and ability(1-2 yrs) 8 Board members collective interviews Management Ability Test (3-4 yrs) Job rotation in divisions - One of final three candidates - designate backup Decision Merit (TO/Profits) check and CEO interview - young, expansive thinking Time consumed 6 years 5 months 1. Tracing Young Turks - Scanning high - potential cases 2. Global Mgt Capability - Leadership, Strategy - Human Resource 3. Crisis Capability - Adversity - Venture, New Area 4. CEO Candidate - CEO School - Competency 5. CEO Cultivation Team - Professional Support - Mentor by J. Welch Immelt’s Narratives • Repositioning the portfolio and diversification – From a process oriented company to creativity and fundamentals – Emphasizes organic growth rather than......

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