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Fruit of the Spirit/Desires of the Flesh Opposites attract
As I am sure you guess part of what I am going to bring up today is opposites. When talking in a relationship way many people would say that opposites attract. I do not completely doubt that this could be true, but I know from my own experience it has not been the case. If we really take a look at that statement and some opposites themselves and think about what it is saying as far as opposites go. The first thought that came to my mind as far as opposites was that of light and dark, but to avoid the philosophical debate of whether darkness is the opposite of light or merely the absence of light I’m going to avoid it. The next image that came to my head as far as opposites go is a compass. If you look at a compass you look at the directions on the compass it shows that when you look at one direction there is always a complete opposite direction. However, if you look at magnets we see that is actually what happens. It is the opposites that actually do attract in this case. For a magnet if they have the same magnetic polarity then they actually repel each other. So in this case opposites do attract.
So really looking at the statement that opposites attract aside from the aforementioned magnets we see that they do not really attract, but most of the times are as far away from each other as possible. This is what we see in the scripture. We see a comparison in a way between the opposites of the fruit of the Spirit and the desires of the flesh.
Paul finds himself speaking to the church in Galatia. They are struggling with this freedom that have from the Old Testament law, but then have almost this new law that they have been called to follow. Paul is trying to explain to them the freedom in Christ that they have, and how this freedom is not as much…...

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