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From Literature to Film
Film adaptation is transferring the written work, such as novel, short story comic books and etc., into a film as a whole. The most common form being used to make a film adaptation is the novel. According to George, “between 1994 and 2013, 58% of the top grossing films in the world were adaptations. (Bluestone, George)” According to Linda Cahir, there are three types of adaptations. The first one is “literal”, “which reproduces the plot and all its attending details as closely as possible to the letter of the book. (Linda, Cahir, p16) The second one is traditional, which maintains the overall traits of the book (its plots, settings, and stylistic convention) but revamps particular details in those particular ways that the filmmakers see as necessary and fitting. The third one is radical, which reshapes the book in extreme and revolutionary ways both as a means of interpreting the literature and of making the film a more fully independent work. (Linda Cahir, p17) Traditional adaptation and radical adaptation are considered to be the top two types of film adaptations to discuss since traditional adaptation and radical adaptation are mostly seen in films. In order to examine the effectiveness of both traditional adaptation and radical adaptation in films, Pride and Prejudice (both novel and film), Heart of Darkness (novella) and the film adaptation of this novella Apocalypse Now are going to be discussed here.
According to Linda Cahir, “Traditional adaptation maintains the overall traits of the book (its plots, settings, and stylistic convention) but revamps particular details in those particular ways that the filmmakers see as necessary and fitting. (P16)” Pride and Prejudice (both film and novel) is applied here to examine the nature of the traditional adaptation and evaluate the effectiveness of traditional adaptation in the film.
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