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Free Hugs Campaign
Sometimes all we need is a hug!
Free Hugs Campaign is a social movement initiated by Juan Mann. It involves hugging strangers in public places. It started in Australia but now has been spread all over the world because it really makes people happy. Even new studies of scientist’s show that touch therapy like HUGS can help overcome some medical conditions like Depression and Osteoarthritis. They believe that people need four hugs for survival, eight for maintenance and twelve for proper physical growth in a day. They have also said that it is the best way to support anyone and communicate when words are not enough.
Actually it didn’t start as a psychological experiment but just as a random act of kindness to spread happiness among people and brighten up their lives.
When Juan Mann’s world turned upside down he had no one to support him, to smile at him, to wait for him and to hug him. And that’s how free hugs campaign started on December 1, 2004 in the Phill Street Mall in central Sydney, where he held the cardboard with the words “Free Hugs” written on both sides. For fifteen minutes people were staring at him and passing looks. Then there came a lady who hugged him and said how her dog had died that morning and it was also the first death anniversary of her only daughter who died in a car accident and all she needed at that time, when she was feeling so lonely, was a HUG. And when they parted after a hug, she was smiling. Juan Mann said that he felt like the king of the world and those smiles he got were the best thing that ever happened to him.
Through this we can see how one hug can help two people. The best thing about a hug is that you usually can’t give one without getting one yourself. A silent…...

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