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There are some forty thousand Chinese restaurants in the United States. They have spreaded nearly everywhere across America. Also, Chinese restaurants have been a weekly or monthly ritual for many Americans. There is a same point that Chinese restaurants had ended with a fortune cookies.

There was a battle between two cities, San Francisco and Los Angles. It was about who is the inventor of fortune cookies. San Francisco thought fortune cookies were introduced by Japanese immigrant. However, Los Angeles argued that the inventor of fortune cookies was a Chinese immigrant. The author began to investigate the fortune cookies. Maybe the question was still unanswered, but more evidences showed that fortune cookies were similar to Japanese deserts.
In the past, Americans were always suspicious of Chinese immigrant, especially of the food and table manners. But Americans can accept more Chinese food and restaurants now. The popular dishes one Chinese menu is Chop suey. But Chop suey is not real Chinese food. It can be found in many places.

The Long March of General Tso, where she visited General Tso’s family in China in an attempt to understand how this became the ultimate Chinese-American dish. It also explains the differences between Chinese food in China vs. Chinese food in America.

The Bean Sprout People are in the Same Boat We Are, on how fortune cookies became industrialized

Until the spring of 1989, there was one – and only one – farm in the entire country that produced kosher ducks: Moriches Duck Farm, on the East of Long Island. The Pekins became farmer’s favorites because they breed like bunnies and fatten up quickly and the East End blossomed as the duck-producing capital because its environment. But in the 1970s the Long Island duck industry sell out and close up because environmental pressure.
At first the…...

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...A Fortune All children in the world have tried this. A feeling that you have let your father or mother down. For most children this is not something that will give psychological problems, like a parent complex, and it will be forgot after a short amount of time and life will continue. But in the text "A Fortune", written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi, this is not the case. Our narrator is struggling with a father complex and this is something that gives him difficulty in his adult life. This text is written in first person. The style is quite neutral but still has informal trait. An example of informal words is "helluva" (p.7, l.31). The text uses a lot of colloquial language and uses dialogs. The novella does also jump in time. An example of this is the first page. The very first sentence begins with: "It was a Sunday" and further down at line 34 it says: "Like I said, it was a Sunday". Our narrator is a person who started pickpocketing when he was five years old and has done it throughout his entire life. (p. 7, l. 4) It was his Pop (dad) who taught him to steal but the narrator's mom wanted him to live a life where he was honest. Despite the mother's effort, the narrator does not fancy his mother that much: "She's this ugly lady (...) I inherited her looks. Crooked teeth, oily hair, and bony knees are my curses." (p. 7, l. 16-18) The narrator has inherited some of his mother's genes and that is not a good thing, since the narrator thinks his mom is ugly. The narrator......

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...A Fortune Essay The short story ”A Fortune” is written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi and was published in the year of 2000. It tells the story of a man who is pick pocketing and then discovers a little boy wandering the streets alone. This is the same boy, whose father’s wallet he stole just an hour earlier. When taking the boy back to his house, the narrator feels an urge to let the kid know what he is worth. The narrator of the text is a young man, maybe in his mid-twenties. He is the only son of the stinking, rotting, “loud-of-a-man”. Well at least according to his mother, the lady with a black wig, using most of her time crying, because she fears the narrator will grow up and be like his father. Growing up in a trailer park, the family didn’t have a lot of money. This is one of the reasons for his father teaching him pick pocketing in the age of five. This pick pocketing is still a part of his life, even after his old man left town without leaving a note or a phone call. The reason for him still pick pocketing lies in the hope he has, of his father someday returning: “One day Pop will show up again. I’ll hand him the boxful of money, he will throw me some bills, and then I’ll just stow them away without counting them. That’s what I think.” (Line 31) It’s not that he needs the money. In fact he has a job. But he is longing for the recognition from his father. As he says himself, when arguing why he didn’t ever count the money his dad gave him: “I just didn’t want to......

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...Essay grid: Introduction – a good way to get started is to briefly introduce the main theme of the text in a way that catches the reader’s attention. | The story is about fortunes and material wealth. The narrator of the story has been pickpocketing since he was five and has lots of money hidden in a cardboard box in the room the narrator has rented. One Sunday he sees a man with a bulging wallet and decides to follow the man and his son. When the narrator sees his moment to steal the wallet, he takes it and gets away. But when he comes back the boys stands against a wall and the narrator takes him with him home. | Characterisation of the main character. Useful links:1) General advice on characterisation2) Advanced advice | The Narrator: Has been pickpocketing since he was five. Has a “fortune” of money hidden in his apartment, but he do not count the money. The narrator has never counted his fortune, because he is afraid of knowing waht he is worth. He grew up with his mom, who tried to raise him good. His father was not very good and did not give him any attention as a kid and when he died, the narrator was not sad. He has a strong sympathy for the kid and keeps telling the boy how much he is worth. He also likes Chinese fortunes a lot and keeps every single one of them in a box. He describes himself as ugly with crooked teeth, oily hair and bony knees. The boy: He is described as quiet and very unhappy. He does not like his home, and when the narrator drops him off...

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...A Fortune The short story A Fortune is written by Joy Monica T. Sakaguchi. In the short story A Fortune the reader acquires knowledge about a first-person narrator, a young boy who shares the same destiny as the little boy we hear about later in the story despite of differences in social status. They both hunger after acknowledgement from their fathers, they have both been ignored and mistreated by their fathers; they both suffer from the same privations and both are searching for redemption. The short story A Fortune begins in medias res and is written in past tense and is told through a male first-person narrator, which leads to an understanding of the narrator’s inner thoughts and feelings. The narrator’s appearance is superficially described as rather unattractive, but his name remains unknown for the reader which creates anonymity. Through several flashbacks the reader gradually understands the narrator’s childhood, personality and social status in society. His social status is emphasized by the writing style in the short story as well – his usage reflects his social inheritance. By using contractions, slang and everyday language the reader gets the impression that the first-person narrator belongs to a lower social group in the society. This finds expression in sentences like: ’Boy would he yell at me’ or ‘My ma tried to raise me well’ where the narrator uses slang, or for instance the sentence ‘Hey, kid, you lost?’ where the verb “are” is omitted. However, the......

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