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Report of findings to the Community Health Department
CC: Principal Samantha Perez, Truman Middle School
RE: Absences and Illnesses

I have been notified that there may be an outbreak of illness throughout the middle schools of Independent School District 12 which has caused a spike in student absences. While conducting research on the recent absences, I’ve noticed that in two of the four middle schools, Truman and Jackson, there was an abnormal increase in the absences of band students on May 20th and 21st . I have noticed after reviewing the school calendars and that Truman and Jackson Middle School had a Battle of the Bands event on May 19th. Telephone interviews by the School Nurse were conducted with some of the parents whose children were absent from school on those days, and I discovered that in speaking with one of the parents, it was brought to the nurse’s attention that some of the band members went out to dinner after the battle of the bands.
In an attempt to rule out food poisoning, I took the liberty of looking into the recent health inspection reports for the local restaurants, which I had access to through the health department. I discovered that there was an accounting of several health violations at two restaurants located in close proximity to the schools. According to your School Nurse, food poisoning symptoms can start within a day or two of eating contaminated food. Based on interviews conducted the symptoms, all of which were either the same or very similar, were started within two days of the battle of the bands. After reviewing the available data from the health department and schools, I am inclined to agree with the parent of Student T10, that the absences are most likely related to food poisoning and not a contagious illness such as the flu or other epidemic.
There would be no need to alert students, parents or the…...

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