Food Deserts

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Food Deserts
Chris Richardson
Myrene Magabo

Food Deserts Have you ever considered not having access to good healthy food? There are large amounts

of people who don’t have access at all especially in deteriorated urban settings which suffer from

a form of food deprivation called food deserts. Cities such as Detroit, have areas where mini-

marts and fast food restaurants are their easiest, if not only access to food. In some cities people

are becoming creative in solving this problem with a community driven “grow your own”

approach that improves local health and economy simultaneously.

Education is the First Step to Healthy Food Choices “Low quality food is resulting in diabetes, obesity, and sickness from processed food” (Bybee 2009). Bybee (p15) paraphrases Will Allen with the ideas that if people are not educated about good food choices, it makes a difference in what they choose to eat. Moreira and Padrão (2004) found lower economic classes may not have education on food nutrition decreasing the occurrence of healthy food choices. By being aware of best food choices when variety and fresh produce is available food dependent sickness is almost entirely eliminated. Once educated, access to better food choices depends on local availability. When there are few local grocery stores it takes time, transportation and money to gain access to healthy food, let alone any food. After the great recession in which grocery stores went bankrupt as a result of local car plants leading to job losses and spending decreases, larger food chains now will not build in lower economic class rural areas due to high costs further obstructing local access to non-processed foods (Walker, et al 2012). People across the world are developing different strategies to grow food for their communities and to ensure use of the fresh produce by…...

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