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Film Background Report
Coach Carter In many sports movies there is some type of resilience and character building that takes place. Playing sports goes hand in hand with resilience and character. These two articles personally talk about the importance of these two topics which tie in with many of the events of the movie. The team in this movie overcame a lot of adversity to prove to everyone else around them that they could do better with the right motivation. They faced the fact that you play and conquer everything as a team; overcoming the bad grades of many and turning that around to get themselves into colleges so that they could pursue better things for their future. Pursuing their dreams against great odds taught them character and to stay tough and stick together through all things. When you go through many different experiences such as Timo going through the death of his older cousin he reacted in a proactive way rather than a reactive one. In Minchew’s article it states that what matters most is how we respond to life’s experiences. He states that proactive people take initiative and assume control of their lives. In the movie instead of Timo continuing on a negative route he decided to go back to the team and do something positive to stay out of trouble.
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Becoming an athlete means you have to have the ability to learn from adversity and triumph over it. In Minchew’s article it states that athletes must learn that they can’t always win but that they can and must learn from their mistakes. At the end of the movie they didn’t end up winning the championship but they overcame that and did plenty of better things for the futures like going to college, many of them playing basketball while going to college. They overcame a huge amount of adversity throughout their whole season. They had to put in…...

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